Apartment Building handicapped signage

Building Apartments and Condos requires handicapped signage. These are known as ASA Signs and are required  through the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Specifically, ada signs, directional signage, handicap parking signage, wayfinding signage and more

In the heart of San Diego there is a non-descript 8 story apartment building in a secret location a short distance from the airport (One could walk there).  During the height of the COVID experience, construction crews were working most every day to finish the build.  Construction was considered “essential” and was slowed down, but never stopped for long. The project was late due to COVID, but it kept moving. It was started years before the great pandemic but was in full swing in March 2020.  This slowed the project down as the construction was finished by masked men working at a distance, alone, and we did the ADA signs, that is the required handicapped signage (don’t tell anybody)

Signs for San Diego can design, build, and install the highest quality to the economy signs. Here is a top-quality Unit ID. These are ada braille signs

Tactile Letters

Tactile Letters are a part of the ADA requirements. All copy must be upper case. Tactile Letters must also be at least 1/32” thick and must be sans serif, not italic, not oblique, script or another font. Uniformity is important. The character stroke width of the “I” must be 15% of the letter height or less. There are also requirements for the height of the letters.

ADA Compliant Signs made in San Marcos

There is a of advantages in local manufacturing. Visit and you can see the people machines and materials in action. Signs for San Diego is a California sign shop, we know the additional California ADA requirements unlike an out of state manufacturer. Need a repair, a replacement, we can do that fast, can that happen from New Jersey?  We Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and California’s regulations.

ADA and Evac Map Exit Stair Down rotated

All public facilities to have ADA compliant signage. This includes evacuation maps, accessible parking signage, accessible signage, ada bathroom signs, ada exit sign and much more. We did all the exterior and interior signs for this new building. A new luxury apartment complex.

Evacuation Maps

Evacuation Maps are posted on the exit routes that lead the to the exits. In many cases the multiple floors will have the same map, but the arrows and lines are changing as the map placement changes. These maps are always in front of the elevators (Elevators are probably not working for long if there is a fire) and along the exist route.

Back of House Unit IDs

In all cases there are rooms that are not for visitors but are required for the building to function, utility rooms, electrical rooms, fire riser rooms and others. These are “back of house” signs and we make these for you.

Utility area ADA sign showing the standoffs

Brushed Aluminum

These signs were all on brushed Aluminum. Brushed Aluminum has a modern and clean look and feel. The was enhanced with standoffs – each sign was also on standoffs. The look matched and enhanced the modern look and feel of the property.


There are a series on contractions used in Grade 2 braille. Signs require uniform and standard contractions to fit on the sign and be unambiguous. Above the Braille there is a “Tactile” letter set.  These also can be felt and are a direct copy of the Braille.

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Signs for San Diego makes ADA signs. We would love to work on more Multifamily housing projects. Our abilities were maxed out pre COVIS, but we have capacity now. Have a project on a remodel or new construction?  We would love to help, feel free to give us a call. 760-730-5118

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