Need a Sign Removal Company?

When the time comes to take down a wall sign that is higher than 6-10 feet – How can you do it? It was easier to find sign installation services that sign removal service? When you are moving, the lease is up and the property manager is holding your deposit against your return of the unit as it was when you moved in, minus normal wear and tear. Sure, you can move all the store fixtures, but what about then sign?  Good news, removing a sign is easier than moving out … if you know how.

In times when commercial leases are difficult and there are a lot of vacancies, property managers often leave the old signs to make the building appear less empty than it really is. Ask, “you want to leave the sign to make the building appear fuller, right?”  The answer is probably “no” but it cost nothing to try. If you do not remove the size, they will take your deposit money against the cost of removal. In most cases in today’s market, they want the sign down.


AllState Channel letter set on raceway

We remove:

  • Letters
  • Monuments
  • Lobby Signs
  • Pylon Signs

Finding a company to do the sign removal

Finding a company to do the sign removal (professional sign removal, not the other kind)  is easy if you know how. Here are the 2 questions you need to ask before considering the sign removal company and 3 more to ask to get the right job done

installation requires the right equipment

Do you have a bucket truck?

Do you have a bucket truck? If they don’t and they want to use ladders, find another company.  The last thing you need is Bubba falling off a ladder. You also don’t need a company that call’s the real sign company and charges you more. Sign Shops that offer sign removal always have a bucket truck. Just like real mechanics have wrenches, and real parking valets have drivers’ licenses.

What you are looking for.

Once you find the company with the insurance and the equipment, this is what you need to ask.

  1. Can you remove the sign? Email them a picture of the sign, up-close and from a distance. Take a picture of the area below the sign (where the truck would park), the address and ask for a quote.
  2. Will you patch and paint? The Property Managers probably has the correct paint, you want to get that paint, or task the property manager with giving the sign company the paint. You may be thinking – The sign company can match the paint. Sure, they can, but paint is $50-100 a gallon, the time to match it is another $50-100 and the Property Manager’s paint is free. Also old, weathered paint has faded, but if the Property Manager provides the paint and it is cleaner and brighter than the surrounding paint and does not match – you are off the hook for it. If you buy the same paint, you are responsible.

Disposal. If you want the sign (Man cave stuff) ask for it. The Aluminum has some value – About 30 cents a pound. If you want it – ask for it. The Acrylic, LEDs, and other materials are rarely worth salvaging. They are heading for the dumpster. It does not matter what the disposal plan is, it matters that they have a disposal plan

Will you provide a Certificate of Insurance

Will you provide a Certificate of Insurance for worker’s company and general liability? If the answer is “no”, find another company. It would be the ultimate in foolish to use a company without insurance in California. Dealing with a sign removal without a COI is like Russian Roulette – 5 times out of 6, you get away with it, but that sixth time, you lose your mind.


COI or certificate of insurance
Channel Letters rentacenter A
Channel Letter Patch and Paint

What you are likely to see

  1. Signs are screwed into the wall, they leave holes. This is where the patch and paint come in.
  2. The letters come down the there is a silhouette with dirt of unfaded paint exposed. This is where the property manager’s paint will come it.
  3. The electrical connection must be made save – this is easy but takes a little know how to accomplish.



When you need a Sign Removal Company, there are 2 things to look for in the company preforming the removal, Insurance, and a bucket truck. Once you know they can do it, there are 3 questions to ask. Take pictures and email or text these to them, ask for a quote. Get the paint from the Property Manager is you can. Then is just a scheduling and price issue. Follow these steps and you will have a problem free sign removal.