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Channel Letters

Chanel letters are the signage term for a metal box shaped like a letter. LED lights produce light that is channeled out, making a lighted shape, or letter, in this case. They are ideal for businesses and high-profile buildings, providing great visibility and a clean look day and night.

There are three types of Illuminated Channel Letters:

  • Standard channel letters that project light out of the front of the letters.
  • Reverse channel letters that project light from behind the letters.
  • Front & Back lit channel letters that project light out of the front & back of the letters.

All channel letters possess three main parts:

  1. Faces: normally 1/8 to 3/16 thick Acrylic.
  2. Trim Caps: a flexible edging that mounts on a channel letter’s face. 
  3. Returns: the letters’ walls

Custom Channel Letters That Compliment Your Brand

A variety of fonts can be used to create custom channel letters, such as Helvetica, Times Roman, Avant Garde, and Futura. These are bold and block fonts with wonderful legibility. Fonts with narrow strokes and pointed tips are generally not used. Using the largest font size possible ensures that your sign has the best visibility, maximizing its potential reach.

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Illuminate Your Business With Custom Channel Letters

When looking to turn heads and catch eyes, consider partnering with a sign company that possesses the expertise to make you and your company an amazing sign. Our experts understand your needs and will recommend the most fitting type of sign to achieve your specific goals. Your signage will be perfectly customized to suit your company and it’s branding.

Get in touch with the experts at Signs for San Diego to create your custom channel letter sign. We serve businesses in: Southern California, focused on Oceanside, Carlsbad, Poway, San Marcos, Vista, Encinitas, Dana Point, Escondido, Metro San Diego, and southern Orange County.

Building Inspiring Signs

Ensure that your business is seen day and night with a lighted channel letter sign.