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Front Lit Channel Letters

Front Lit Channel Letters are the most common type of Channel Letters.  They are used as store front signs in nearly all shopping malls. This works like a shoe box, where the light source is LED and is in the bottom or back. These are 12VDC LED modules. They are installed with a paper pattern, taped to the wall. This marks the places to drill mounting holes and one more hole through the wall. Once installed the channel letters can be turned on and off through a power supply on a switch. The switch can be a clock and or a photocell to light them at night and off during daylight.

Channel Letter Futon lite

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Halo Lit Channel Letters are also called back lit Channel Letters.  This type of channel letter sign is often used on upscale retail stores, law offices, dentists, doctors, CPAs, and other professional businesses.  These channel letters have LEDs on the back, shining in the letter.  The face is a solid layer – no light comes through the face.  The light bounces off the inside and creates light around the letter. They are a great choice for certain products and services. Give us a call and let’s get started.

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters

Channel Letters Sign on a Raceway

There are 2 uses for a raceway 1) When you need a storefront sign and the electrical power is not there, we use a raceway.  The raceway houses the power supply and all the wiring. There are mounting holes for the raceway, there is a single hole that connects to the power for the sign.  2) The other use occurs when the holes to power go through the wall, but these wires are exposed. Most times this is above the roof on a parapet wall. We install a raceway to seal up the wires from the weather.

sign installation for Illuminated Sign for Suja

Hybrid Channel Letter Sets

Hybrid Channel Letter Sets are combinations of the three types of Channel Letters above and something else. This can be front and back lit, or a push through sign and a halo channel letter set, or dimensional letters that do not light up with channel letters. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Custom LED Signs are all unique, want to know how to create a fabulous Channel Letter Signs?  Give us a call.

Frontwave Credit Union Escondido

Want a free Channel Letter Sign Checklist to help you get the best Channel Letter Sign for your business?

Signs for Riverside

Marquee Letters called Front Lit Channel Letters

Modern Marquee Letters for Primos Mexican Food & Cantina

Front Lit Channel Letters. These are the most common Marquee Letters and common in Shopping Centers. These are all custom LED Signs. We make these in house and can build whatever you need. Don’t know what is possible? We can help

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters or back lit

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters


Halo Channel Letters. The light comes out the back putting a halo around Marquee letters. These have an upscale look and fell. They have been Common in professional businesses like Law, Medicine, and Accounting, but are great for higher end shops too.

Marquee Letters in a Hybrid custom LED Sign

Installing a Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign

Hybrid means a combination of different sign typs like a cabinet and a push through acrylic or Channel Letters. In many cases the Hybrid has the best of both techniques. These are also custom LED Signs

Illuminate Your Business With Custom Channel Letters


When looking to turn heads and catch eyes, consider partnering with a sign company that possesses the expertise to make you and your company an amazing sign. Our experts understand your needs and will recommend the most fitting type of sign to achieve your specific goals. Your signage will be perfectly customized to suit your company and it’s branding.

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