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I, Frank Murch was born in Honolulu. Dad was an Army Captain. After his separation he drove my 2-year-old self and Mom to Colorado. After starting Kindergarten and terrorizing my parents, brother and sister for 20 years, I graduated both Kindergarten and the University of Colorado. I worked at Coors Porcelain for a time and then a series of high-tech companies in California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tokyo. Along the way I gathered letters to drag behind my name MSEng, MBA.  30 years later I started Signs for San Diego. Signs for San Diego is a manufacturing company. Much more about building signs than other Sign Companies; it comes from my background. Technical Capability is a focus. We are a wholesale source for the industry. We want to make the best sign possible. It is in my DNA. Applying 30 years of manufacturing experience and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience make us the best sign company around. I also am of the HP management culture, Inclusion, respect and treating people as adults makes Signs for San Diego a happy place to work. We are looking for customers that match our culture, happy, better quality, and better than what is generally available

Towne Jewelers Halo Channel Letters

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Towne Jewelers Halo Channel Letters Towne Jewelers of San Marcos, established in 1977, extends its jewelry offerings across the United States and needed new Halo Channel Letters. What distinguishes Towne Jewelers is their unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized customer experience. They actively devote themselves to treating every customer as a unique and cherished individual,

Carved Signs, Sandblasted Signs or Routed Signs

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Carved, Sandblasted and Routed Signs Carving and Sandblasting signs is a classic manufacturing technique. It is also expensive and has an old-world look. What is you do not want an “old world” look and you are in a shopping plaza that requires them? Signs for San Diego makes Sandblasted signs, but we also make faces

Harcourts Green Group Halo Channel Letters

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Harcourts Green Group Halo Channel Letters Justin Green is an Orange County top agent at Harcourts.  He formed his own office, the Harcourts Green Group. Justin is one smart cookie, an Azusa Pacific University grad with a Bachelor finance and mathematics and a Master’s degree as well. As a California Native he has a lifetime

New Channel Letter Signs for a New Restaurant

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New Channel Letter Signs for a New Restaurant New Channel Letter Signs for a New Restaurant  Food entrepreneurs, know it is a big deal to stand out from the eateries around them. Standing out from the competitors is important This is the 4th restaurant for this entrepreneur in an animal theme, The others are Steamy

Pinnacle Industrial Supply 3D Letters

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3D Letters for Pinnacle Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company is the source of the signs you need. We build Marquee Letters, Lobby Signs, and many other types of 3d letters signs. This is our 2nd location for Pinnacle Industrial Supply. Most Business to Business signs in Business Parks are not electrical. There is no need

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