Signs for San Diego 


AKA Signs for San Diego Terms and Conditions

ACCEPTANCE: All Quotations (Orders, Invoices) and proposals covering Seller’s Signs, services and products are made and all contracts or purchase orders for said products are accepted under the strict limitation that these General Conditions of Sale shall govern. Any provision in Buyer’s purchase order or other documents issued by Buyer which conflicts with or is in addition to these General Conditions of Sale are rejected hereby unless expressly accepted by Seller in writing.

SCOPE: The Signs for San Diego Quotation (later converting to an Order and then
to an Invoice)is the total statement and total scope of the work. Acceptance of
the Quotation is an agreement to design, make and install the sign/s or services
described. Other services or products not listed in the Quotation are outside
the scope and are not a part of our agreement. 


PRICES: Prices are not subject to trade or other discounts and do not include
any federal, state, county, local, or other taxes (Unless specifically listed),
or costs of special packaging and insurance. These charges, when applicable,
shall be paid by Buyer. However, Buyer may provide Seller with an appropriate
tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities. Unless
requested by Buyer, Seller shall have no obligation to obtain insurance for


damage to the Signs shall pass according to freight terms agree upon by buyer
and seller (Generally FOB Our Oceanside dock). Seller retains a security
interest in the Signs until the purchase price is paid. For Installed signs the
ownership of the Signs remains with Signs For San Diego until final payment is
made. For all C.O.D. shipments, title and risk of loss shall remain with Seller
until delivery to Buyer. 

PAYMENT: Delinquent accounts shall bear interest on the unpaid balance at a rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum, per month. The invoiced amount shall not be subject to offsets for any claims by Buyer against Seller, including any claims for products returned by Buyer for repair or correction of defects. If Buyer delays shipments, the payment due date will be based on the date Seller is prepared to make shipment. Products held for Buyer shall be held at the expense of Buyer. Installed Signs are subject to mechanic liens. 

CANCELLATION: Buyer may cancel all or any of the products purchased by written
notice to Seller received prior to thirty (30) days before shipment. Buyer
agrees to pay for completed signs and products (including profit thereon) and
any direct or indirect costs or expenses incurred by Seller as a result of
cancellation, including a restocking charge for any generic, reusable products
of 20% of the purchase order price. Seller reserves the right to complete and
ship products canceled within thirty (30) days of scheduled shipment and shall
be entitled to the full purchase order price. Return freight charges will be for

the Buyer’s account. To obtain return approval, contact Customer Service at
(760) 730-5118. 

ABANDONMENT: Should the Buyer fail to communicate or become unable to cancel
(bankruptcy, change in ownership or any other reason), the order shall become
inactive. If inactivity exceeds 30 days, the order shall be deemed cancelled.
Buyer agrees to forfeit any deposits to pay for completed products (including
profit thereon) and any direct costs. 

WARRANTY: Seller warrants to the original Buyer that new products (including
spares and replacement components) will be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of twelve months from shipment, twelve months from
date of first use, whichever occurs first. All warranty work will be performed
during Signs for San Diego’s normal business hours. Any Customer requiring
warranty work not performed during regular business hours will be charged a
service charge
. In consideration of the terms here and the warranty above and
any specific performance or other guarantees written within the Quotation (order
and invoice) are the entire scope of the warrantee. Other performance excluding
the title to the sign, either expressed or implied are excluded from the

DELIVERY: Delivery dates furnished by Seller represent the best estimates of the
time to make shipment. Seller shall not be in default nor liable for any
expense, loss or damage occasioned by a delay in performance due to causes
beyond its control, including but not limited to labor disputes, floods, fire,
transportation delays, inability to obtain materials, or manufacturing equipment
breakdown. In the event of such delay, the affected terms of the purchase
order, including the price, will be adjusted to reflect the impact of any delay.

ALTERATIONS: Any alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs made by others,
unless authorized or agreed upon by Signs for San Diego, will be cause to
terminate Signs for San Diego’s warranty or other obligation under the contract. 

EXCLUSION OF COURSE OF DEALING: It is agreed that no prior course of dealing or
usage of trade not expressly set forth in the quote, (order and then invoice)
shall be admissible to explain, modify, or contradict this contract in any way. 


INSTALLATION AND REPAIR SERVICES: The Customer shall provide safe and
clear unobstructed access to the place of installation, service and the
electric panel including time clocks. Customer shall provide a suitable
electrical feed within 6 feet of the place where the Sign/s are to be
installed. This includes blocking off parking spaces needed for access,
creating a clear path to the time clocks, electrical panels and roof

schedule accurately and arrive on time. Due to the unpredictable nature
of service calls, we often find exact time schedules are difficult to
maintain. Signs for San Diego assume no liability for cancellation or

INSTALLATION SITE: When installing the Signs onto an existing sub fascia
the Customer shall be responsible for providing a sound and suitable sub
fascia. It is often impossible to fully understand what is underneath the
fascia. If the sub fascia proves unsuitable for a normal install,
requiring additional work and/or additional products (suck as a wire way,
panel or raceway) additional charges to cover the cost may apply. The
Customer is responsible for these additional costs.

COMPLETING THE INSTALL: Signature of the Company’s installation note by a
person reasonably appearing to be the Customer’s representative shall be
conclusive proof of their satisfactory installation. In most cases payment
is also required at the point of completion.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE: Service by its nature is imprecise.
Signs for San Diego makes every attempt to provide accurate and complete
estimates of maintenance, repair and service costs. When hidden problems
appear, Signs for San Diego will terminate the call and charge a trip cost
OR complete the service and charge an additional amount to cover the
hidden costs.

limited to electrical work, not documented in the Quotation, Order or

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Seller shall not be liable, whether arising under
contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise, loss of
anticipated profits, loss by reason of plant shutdown, non-operation or
increased expense of operation, cost of money, loss of use of equipment, capital
or revenue, or for any economic or consequential loss or damage. Seller’s
maximum liability whether arising from breach of contract, tort (including
negligence), strict liability, breach of warranty or otherwise shall not exceed
the purchase order price. 

PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Buyer agrees that any data, such as Seller’s
specifications, drawings, proof sheets, quotations, pricing and information
(including, without limitation, designs, drawings, invoices, orders, quotes,
reports and the like), revealed by Seller to Buyer and containing proprietary
information marked or identified as proprietary, shall be kept in confidence by
Buyer with at least the same care and safeguards as are applied to Buyer’s own
proprietary information. Such data shall not be duplicated, disclosed to
others, or used without the written permission of Seller. The restrictions and
obligations relating to Seller’s proprietary information shall expire seven (7)
years after the execution of the contract incorporating these terms and
conditions, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. 

PATENT and COPYRIGHT INDEMNITY: The Seller agrees to indemnify Buyer from and
against all claims, demands and suits based on allegations that the product
designed and manufactured by Seller constitutes an infringement of any patent or
Copyright. If the Seller is notified promptly of the assertion of any such
allegation, and if the Seller is given authority to defend the same and
reasonable information and assistance for the defense of the same. Upon
notification of an infringement claim, the Seller reserves the right to do any
of the following, at cost to the Buyer.

(a) Procure for the Buyer the right to continue using the equipment; or

  1. (b)  Remove the signs

  2. (c)  Replace the same with non-infringing signs; or

  3. (d)  Modify the signs so that it becomes non-infringing.

Seller does not assume liability for the infringement of any method and/or
process patent or copyright. 

PACKAGING AND SHIPMENT: Seller’s products will be packaged in accordance with
standard commercial practices for domestic and international shipments. Buyer
will pay all shipping charges. In the absence of specific instructions, Seller
will select the carrier. When applicable, Buyer shall obtain insurance. The
Buyer is 100% liable for shipping damage. 


GOVERNING LAW: In the event the sale of Signs to Buyer is subject to the United
Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”),
the CISG will apply provided however these Terms and Conditions of Sale will
prevail over any conflicting provisions of the CISG. In the event the CISG does
not apply, the contract for the sale and purchase of Seller’s product shall be
construed under and governed by the law of the State of California. 

COMPLETE AGREEMENT: The contract incorporating these General Conditions of Sale
is the complete, final and exclusive statement of the agreement between Buyer
and Seller. The entire scope of the work is contained within the Quotation (then
the Order and Invoice) Any prior or contemporaneous agreements, understandings
and representations, whether oral or written, are merged herein. These General
Conditions of Sale shall not be varied, supplemented, qualified, or interpreted
by any prior course of dealings between the parties or by custom or usage of
trade. No modifications or additions to said contract will be binding upon
Seller unless in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Seller. 

Our Sign Company Info

Company Established in 2010.

  • Location: 810 Los Vallecitos Blvd Suites E San Marcos CA 92069.
  • Service Area:  We are a San Diego North County provider. We primarily sell in Orange, Riverside, Imperial, LA, and San Diego Counties with many other customers outside our core areas.
  • California Contractors’ Licenses: C45 Electrical Signs. License # 996506
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Underwriter Labs Certified Electrical Sign Manufacture
We tackle new projects daily, delighting our customers with signage in all shapes and sizes.
  • Our Products: 
  • Building Exterior and Interior Signage
  • Electrical signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Sign Cabinets
  • ADA signs
  • Monuments
  • Post and Panel
  • Window Graphics

We do a lot of contract installs and services:

  • Channel Letters
  • Sign Cabinets
  • Monument signs
  • Equipment and Abilities
  • Bucket Trucks to 42 feet
  • Crane to 64 feet
  • Welders and Metal Fab
  • Electrical service : Lamps, Ballast, Power Supplies, Neon to LED

Our Markets:

  • Building Exterior and Interior Signage
  • Wholesale and contract installs for other sign companies
  • Industrial and Business Parks
  • Shopping and Strip Malls
  • Franchises, and Small Businesses
  • DMV and Military
  • Industry Affiliations: California Sign Association, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, SignWorld network member


Building Inspiring Signs

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.