New Business Signs Start with the Marquee Sign

Starting a new business, it exciting, it is also hard. You have no cash flow; a thousand things do and no time to study each issue. When it comes to signs, there is a lot of noise, little written down, experts are few and far between. You need to cut through all the confusion, find the experts and deal with the companies that make and install Marquee Letters. How can you make a major and critical purchase and do it well?  Here are some hints:

Custom LED Sign called a channel letter set

Step One

Step one – What company do you need for building signs?

Electrical Sign Company: In the Sign World there are Printers, Trade Show providers, car wrappers and electrical sign makers. For your Marquee Sign, and Monument Sign you need an Electrical Sign Company.

Local Sign Manufacture Building Cust LED Signs

Step Two

Step Two – C-45 – Sign Contractor: How can you tell who is who?  Electrical Sign Companies have contractor licenses, Specifically A C-45 – Sign Contractor. That is a sign contractor fabricates, installs, and erects electrical signs, including the wiring of such electrical signs, and non-electrical signs, including but not limited to: post or pole supported signs, signs attached to structures, painted wall signs, and modifications to existing signs. If the company does not have a CL-45 they cannot directly provide your sign – they are salespeople for some other Sign Contractor. A middleman.

Step Three

If they do not have one of these - You are not in the right place

Step Three – Underwriters Listed: Who makes signs? Electrical Signs like Marquee Letters require a UL stamp or sticker on the sign to be used outside in the US. If they have a UL certification, they are probably making signs

UL Certification

You have now eliminated the brokers, middlemen and the gray market and are down to the few companies that make the signs you are looking for. You have a thousand things do and no time. You have just eliminated >95% of the noise and can ID the experts. Give us a call and we will take you the rest of the way

Mission San Luis Ray directional 5

Sandblast signs, an old world look and feel

Sandblast Signs, Old World Sandblasted Signs are common in some places. In downtown historic areas like Carlsbad, in vineyards and in historic areas.  As maintenance and renovation in these areas is needed, new sandblasted signs are also needed. How do these signs get made? It starts with the “wood” It starts with the “wood”: There

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Action Reasearch wayfinder directional

Nature Trail & Informational Wayfinding Signs

Nature Trail & Informational Wayfinding Signs Get a quote We recently had the opportunity to work with Action Research on the Maple View Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration Project.  The Mapleview Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration Project proposes to improve surface water quality through implementation of green infrastructure and improved conveyance of stormwater flows. A

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new faces Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Love Reface

FroYoLove new faces Sign Repair & Maintenance: Here is a great example where a small frozen yogurt shop just needs a minor face lift.  There are a couple of interesting things: The “green” translucent vinyl is south east facing. The sun kills vinyl over a period of time, sometimes 4-5 years often a little longer.

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xChannel Letters GL Pools 1

GL POOLS Front Lit Channel Letters

GL POOLS Since 2006, GL Pools has been a leading provider of premium pool services in San Diego County. Their team of honest and skilled professionals ensures top-notch care for your pools and spas year-round. From pump installations to weekly maintenance, they’re committed to delivering consistently excellent service. How we make channel Letters We specialize

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Channel Letters Serenity MD

Serenity MD channel Letters in Temecula

Serenity MD Serenity MD is a weight loss and anti-aging clinic. Serenity MD provides tailored programs for men and women seeking to manage weight and maintain a youthful appearance amidst life’s challenges. With a focus on support and guidance, they offer solutions to help individuals achieve their desired goals.  How we make channel Letters Our

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Sorrento Pizza

Sorrento Pizza A hidden treasure

Sorrento Pizza A hidden treasure Sorrento Pizza is a hidden treasure in North County.  They have been in business for 48 years. There is a reason why. This place is well known and loved by the regulars, but unknow outside this select group. That is ashamed, because the food is great, the service is more

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