New Business Signs Start with the Marquee Sign

Starting a new business, it exciting, it is also hard. You have no cash flow; a thousand things do and no time to study each issue. When it comes to signs, there is a lot of noise, little written down, experts are few and far between. You need to cut through all the confusion, find the experts and deal with the companies that make and install Marquee Letters. How can you make a major and critical purchase and do it well?  Here are some hints:

Custom LED Sign called a channel letter set

Step One

Step one – What company do you need for building signs?

Electrical Sign Company: In the Sign World there are Printers, Trade Show providers, car wrappers and electrical sign makers. For your Marquee Sign, and Monument Sign you need an Electrical Sign Company.

Local Sign Manufacture Building Cust LED Signs

Step Two

Step Two – C-45 – Sign Contractor: How can you tell who is who?  Electrical Sign Companies have contractor licenses, Specifically A C-45 – Sign Contractor. That is a sign contractor fabricates, installs, and erects electrical signs, including the wiring of such electrical signs, and non-electrical signs, including but not limited to: post or pole supported signs, signs attached to structures, painted wall signs, and modifications to existing signs. If the company does not have a CL-45 they cannot directly provide your sign – they are salespeople for some other Sign Contractor. A middleman.

Step Three

If they do not have one of these - You are not in the right place

Step Three – Underwriters Listed: Who makes signs? Electrical Signs like Marquee Letters require a UL stamp or sticker on the sign to be used outside in the US. If they have a UL certification, they are probably making signs

UL Certification

You have now eliminated the brokers, middlemen and the gray market and are down to the few companies that make the signs you are looking for. You have a thousand things do and no time. You have just eliminated >95% of the noise and can ID the experts. Give us a call and we will take you the rest of the way

Bees find their way into signs

Got bees in your Sign?

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Pavlos Taco

Pavlos Tacos Channel Letters

Pavlos Tacos has a new quality custom channel letter sign in Encinitas California This was Nico’s for years and is a great location for families, with a heavy traffic flow from San Dieguito High School. Pavlos Iliadis owns this local icon at 165 S. El Camino Real, Suite L, Encinitas, CA, 92024. As in all

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Escondido Highlands aka Emerald Heights Monument

Emerald Heights Monument Dimensional Letters

3D Letters, dimensional letters A private retreat nestled among the rolling hills of North County San Diego, Emerald Heights is an oasis of connections, friendship, great neighbors, and ease from the pace of life – an idyllic environment for a fantastic way of living.  This 24/7 gated community with security offers the perfect family environment!

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Yun Tea house Halo lit Channel Letters

Halo Channel Letters in San Diego

Yun Tea Halo lit Channel Letters Yun is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, with their name “Yun,” meaning “cloud,” paying homage to the tea-rich province of Yunnan. They take pride in their innovative approach, especially with their house-made cheese foam, symbolizing their commitment to uniqueness. Tea is at the heart of their brand, treated as

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channel Letters Rocket Bail Bond at night

Halo Channel Letters in San Diego

Halo Lite Channel Letters Halo Lite Channel Letters for a San Diego company, Rocket Bail Bonds. Halo lit channel letters also go by a number of other names: Reverse lit channel letters and back lite channel letters. Whatever you call them, we do a lot of them. Signs for San Diego is the source for

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Pole Sign Poseidon on trailer

Receiving your Sign National Sign Company Installs

Receiving your Sign National Sign Company Installs Your production team works hard to create the perfect sign. Your production team works hard to create the perfect sign. They crate it and then entrust it to fate. We have the perfect receiving area, with forklifts, direct loading on trailers going to the install site and when

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