Sandblast signs, an old world look and feel

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Sandblast Signs, Old World Sandblasted Signs are common in some places. In downtown historic areas like Carlsbad, in vineyards and in historic areas.  As maintenance and renovation in these areas is needed, new sandblasted signs are also needed. How do these signs get made? It starts with the “wood” It starts with the “wood”: There

Children’s Primary Dental channel Letters

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New Channel Letters for Children/s Primary Dental Children’s Primary Dental Group needed a new sign.  Children’s Primary Dental Group treats their young patients like a member of the family. Over 50 dedicated clinical and administrative staff are proudly providing dental services in a low stress and effective environment. Their outstanding dentists are second to none

Local vs remote manufacturing

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Local vs remote manufacturing Project Managers and Estimators : Are you using all your options? Every Project Manager and Estimator has “issues” with site locations, people, and time. Each site you service has hundreds of details that can become problems. Multiply this with the number of sites and there are thousands of little details to

Valley View Backlit Sign

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Valley View Backlit Sign This is a collaboration between Paul Kauffman https://paulkauffman.squarespace.com and Signs for San Diego. We were delighted to work on a Paul Kauffman design. His paintings are iconic and are found in many of the Beverly Hills La Jolla multimillion dollar homes. This sign was the 2024 New Year’s party signs for

Towne Jewelers Halo Channel Letters

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Towne Jewelers Halo Channel Letters Towne Jewelers of San Marcos, established in 1977, extends its jewelry offerings across the United States and needed new Halo Channel Letters. What distinguishes Towne Jewelers is their unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized customer experience. They actively devote themselves to treating every customer as a unique and cherished individual,

Carved Signs, Sandblasted Signs or Routed Signs

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Carved, Sandblasted and Routed Signs Carved, Sandblasted and Routed Signs. Carving and Sandblasting signs is a classic manufacturing technique. It is also expensive and has an old-world look. Here is the process for us to build traditional sand blasted signs: - Purchase Redwood, the older techniques as a special cut, with the end grain up.

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