Insist on Proof of General Liability Insurance

General Liability protection

There are companies that will do work without General liability insurance. General liability insurance provides customer protection against risks that arise during your sign contractor’s  work. When Sign contractors are working on your properties, and accidents or damages can occur, it leads to legal claims and financial losses. General liability insurance is the first line of defense to cover the costs associated with bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury claims. It can also provide coverage for legal fees and settlements, helping contractors to survive the financial burdens of an incident. Customers that allow sign contractors to work without having general liability insurance assume huge risks. All large companies require General Liability Insurance before work starts.

Sign Companies experience several types of losses. Here are a few examples:

1.        Material damage: This can include any damage or loss to sign materials during transportation or installation. It might happen due to accidents, mishandling, or unforeseen circumstances.

2.        Weather-related losses: Inclement weather conditions, such as strong winds, heavy rain, or snowstorms, can pose a risk to signs. They might get damaged, uprooted, or affected in other ways, causing loss to both materials and installation efforts.

3.        Vandalism or acts of theft: Unfortunately, signs can be targeted by vandals or thieves. Acts of vandalism, such as graffiti, can require repairs or replacement. Theft of signs or their components can result in financial loss for sign installers.

4.        Legal or regulatory issues: Failure to comply with local regulations, permits, or zoning requirements can result in fines or penalties for sign installers. It is important to stay updated on the legal obligations and obtain the necessary permissions before conducting installations.

Damage to a sign
Signs taken down by wind

These are just a few examples, and each specific situation may introduce its own unique challenges. It is crucial for sign installers to take precautions, follow best practices, and communicate effectively with clients to mitigate potential losses.

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What is the biggest insurance mistake I see made?

I often have contractors or companies that have hired contractors asking for changes to be made to the insurance after a job has been completed.  This is very frustrating because often times this will cost substantially for the changes and most insurance does not cover retroactively so the stuff that was need would not apply to the work completed as the job had already been finished.  Unfortunately, sometimes companies are more concerned with simply checking off boxes rather than making sure they have appropriate coverage to cover in the event of a claim.   I urge all my clients to always ask for any requirements for jobs upfront for me to review and go over the insurance changes that may be requested as well as any costs to do so, so there will be no surprises after the job has been completed, and no hold ups when it comes time to being paid.

Who should you hire?

If you wanted us to review your insurance, or see if we can find better more affordable coverage you can go to our site at, click on any icon that you need coverage for and then click the quote now button.  Or contact us direct at 760-621-3844.

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