Retail Signage for Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers

Retail Signage for Shopping Malls and Centers improves the customer experience, drives traffic to the store with the attraction of custom sign. There are infinite variations of retail signage, here are 4 main types

Marquee Letters – There are nearly always channel letters and are electric signs designed to attract automobile traffic. Every retail shopping center has them, we make them, and we make our customers stand out and pull in more traffic

Monument Signs – Nearly all Shopping Centers have there, and you should have a tenant sign for your business in these monuments

Interior Signage – Point of purpose signs, wall signs hanging signs, and everything needed to guide customers to spend money

Vinyl on Glass – While Marquee letters are required, the most cost-effective signage is found in your window

Marquee Letters. These led custom signs are called channel Letters Verizon channel Letters

We can help you with:

  • Channel letters
  • Pole signs
  • Window graphics
  • Monument signs
  • Temporary signage

Contact Signs for San Diego today for more details regarding the retail signage program. We also offer services including design, manufacture and installations. All of our sign boards are made of excellent quality materials, manufactured to high standards. Based in San Diego, we offer our services to clients across South California.

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Advantages of signage program

Good signage always helps to keep the property looking well-maintained and attractive. We completely understand that anchor tenants may challenge certain sign rules. However, a well-written retailsignage program will give you an edge that is crucial to landing these key, long-term tenants while controlling the smaller, more transient tenants. 

In the unfortunate event that a tenant refuses or ignores to replace or maintain their signs, these rules can be used to force their hand. When there is confusion on who has to bear the expenses for reinstalling or uninstalling signs, clear sign criteria reviewed prior to the signing of the lease alleviates this problem This will help you cut costs and save time as well. Besides the retail signage program, you can also rely on us for removing signage from buildings after your tenants vacate.

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Expert Sign Writing Programs to Keep You Safe

Leases contain certain clauses that regulate the tenant’s signage. These are labelled as signage programs, sign criteria or marketing program rules. At Signs for San Diego, our team members are experts in writing and rewriting signage programs. It is very important to ensure that the sign criteria documents are correctly documented. Most retail owners offer their tenants some flexibility while installing signs, but they also want to limit tenants whose signage may negatively impact the overall appeal of the property. In order to ensure that your tenants are compliant with your rules, it is important to have written agreements such as a retail signage program. Our team can help you formulate sign rules so your tenants can enjoy business growth and success while ensuring that the property remains clean, clutter-free and appealing.

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