Types of Signs for You

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Channel Letter 2 pandas scaled

Marquee Letters - Channel Letters

Signs for San Diego makes Marquee Letters for store fronts and buildings. We make some of the most vibrant and striking channel letters in the market today. These are also called Channel Letters and are Custom LED Signs made to fit the character of your business. Click here to learn more.

Handicapped signage or ADA Signs

Multifamily Housing - Handicapped Signs

Signs for San Diego makes every sign needed for Multifamily Housing. This includes the Handicapped Signage called ADA signs. We complement ADA Braille Signs with wayfinder signs, parking lot signs, address numbers, and monuments. We have it all.

Irwindale CA Signs Signage Solution: custom metal signs suck as monument sign for Ramona Exchange Business Park


Signs for San Diego makes Monuments. There are used for Shopping Centers, Business Parts, Military bases, schools and other government facilities and Residential sites. Each has unique requirements and characteristics. Need a monument, faces for an existing monument or a rebuild of an existing monument? We are your monument source

Magnetic ballasts are old and buzz electronic ballast put out multiple frequencies that eliminates flickering and buzzing

Service and Maintenance

Signs for San Diego Service and Maintain signs, we replace faces, do retrofits to LED, fix weather damage, accidents, and solve other issues that prevent signs from lighting.

Marine USMC Digital Signs or EMC (Electronic Message Centers), custom signs

Digital Signage

Signs for San Diego is the source for electronic signage and kiosks. These are also known as Electronic Message Boards or EMCs. We use well known sources like Watchfire, Hyoco, CirrusLED and others. We design the site layout, the actual sign, permit them if required, build the foundation, and install.

marquee Letters in 3D letters for Graced by Grit

3D Letters - Dimensional Letters

Signs for San Diego Makes 3D Letters on our CNC Router. These are also called Dimensional Letters or Flat Cut Outs (FCOs). These are often used in Business parks, inside shopping malls, for lobby signs and other places.

3d letters on a larger scale, Philips Lobby Sign

Lobby and Reception Signs

Signs for San Diego Makes Lobby signs and Reception Signs. These start with simple signs and run up to and full electrical signs with backlighting. If you can image it, we can build it. We use our extensive equipment and experienced fabricators to create a work of art for your visitors. Lobby Signs set the tone for your entire company.

mounting a monument with a crane

Pylon and Pole Signs

Signs for San Diego Makes Pylon and Pole Signs. These range from unlit simple signs on a wood pole to highway double pole signs with full electrical LED lighting with a branded location name

Monument San Luis Rey Solar Controller

Solar Powered

Signs for San Diego provides solar for locations where electrical is not available and for environmental reasons

custom signs to make blade sign internally illuminated unique sign

Blade Signs

A blade sign is normally used for predestining traffic. These are projecting signs mounted on a wall or the ceiling. These signs are found in areas that other signs will not work. Inside a shopping mall, is a pedestrian market, under a canopy or in a breezeway are great examples. The types of blade signs run the gamut. These are limited only by your imagination.

Vinyl - Digital printing Signs

Vinyl - Printed and Cut Vinyl

Cut Vinyl Letters For Your Windows and Doors It’s important to label your business with your logo and branding. Glass is a great place to do that, and you already own it! In addition, the location of the front door is ideal for a company name and logo. It is also where your phone number and hours belong.

Plaques for building dedications


Plaques lends any building, art projects, trail markers, museum piece and recognition projects a sense of durability and permanence. These come in bronze or aluminum. There are different types, sand cast, machined and photo etched are the normal options. Each custom plaque is made to your specifications. No matter if you need a wayfinding, identification, or a tribute plaque we are the answer for your needs.

Building Inspiring Signs

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.