Encinitas CA Signs

Encinitas CA Signs

 Encinitas is a suburb of San Diego with a population of 60,000. Encinitas is Spanish for “Small Oaks”. It is along I5 bordered by Solana Beach, Olivenhain and Carlsbad. The city is bounded by Batiquitos Lagoon to the north and San Elijo Lagoon to the south. Old Encinitas is a small beachside town with small retail and funky housing near the beaches. Cardiff-by-the-Sea  and Leucadia are beach communities that are a part of Encinitas. The best known beach is Swamis. The inland part are neighborhoods or track houses, shopping malls and El Camino Real. For a small city, shopping is everywhere : Encinitas Village Shopping Center, Encinitas Ranch Town Center, The Small Mall (603 S Coast Hwy 101), Moonlight Plaza Shopping Center, Rancho Santa Fe Plaza, The Lumberyard and Camino Village Plaza are all there. There is some limited Business Park space along Encinitas Blvd.  Signs for San Diego knows your city like it is our own, because it is our own. The Sign Shop is in San Marcos, but the owner lives off La Costa

Signs really in Encinitas

Encinitas CA Signs Code Ninjas 290 N El Camino Real Are you working with a company that does not actually work in Encinitas?  Here is a partial list of our work, Encinitas Ford the entrance and exit signs, Chase Bank at 105 N El Camino Real, we maintain their signs, Allstate – Encinitas, Chevron / Ways Market at I5 and leucadia every sign there we made, Sleep Number at 296 N. El Camino Real, when their signs went out, we fixed them. Finance of America on Encinitas Blvd, we installed that sign a while back, Bank of America 1340 Encinitas Blvd Encinitas, we serviced their signs. The Hot Room Encinitas, that is our work. Code Ninjas – Our work again, Turbo Car Wash at Encinitas Blvd and El Camino Real, we did that too, Black book Bikini on the 101, Stretch Zone and California Coast CU. All in Encinitas. These range from a full design, build, install to repairs to doing a part of the job.  They also involve other sign companies that hired us to do the work. Why?  Signs for San Diego knows Encinitas, we are in the area nearly every day.

x Ways Cheveron night

Retail Signs Ways Market Chevron

Marquee letters – WAYS Market. Marquee letters and 3D Signs inside and out. This is the WAYS Market. It is off I5 in Encinitas. Encinitas CA Signs are our specialty.  We designed, built, and installed all of Ways Markets signs for their remodel. The Marquee Letters are custom LED Signs with the same general design

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3D Signs for Chase Bank

Business Signs for Chase Bank

Business Signs for Chase Bank Business Signs for Chase Bank When a company like Chase Bank needs maintenance, closes one branch office, and opens another they need a central National Sign Company, in this case Atlas Sign Company,  to manage the 4,700 branches. Chase Bank is older and most of their signs are older too.

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Business Signs -Marquee Letters called Channel Letters for Allstate

Business Signs for Allstate

Business Signs for Allstate When a company like Allstate rebrands, needs maintenance, closes one branch office, and opens another they need a central National Sign Company to manage the 12,300 agents and offices in the US. That company is Philadelphia Signs. They are not in San Diego (or Encinitas or El Cajon or Carlsbad or

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Monument Signs or Directional Signs

Monument Signs or Directional Signs

Monument Signs and Directional Signs What are directional signs versing a Monument Sign? When custom metal signs act as a directional arrow, they are both, Monument Signs and wayfinder signs Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your

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Marquee Letters for Evans Tire Custom LED Signs at Evans Tire

Marquee Letters for Evans Tire

Custom LED Signs Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company to provide the “neon signs”. Today the custom led sign has replaced the custom neon signs of the past. We also provide contract installs for National companies like Jones Signs.  This is a Jones Sign Install, for an Encinitas Sign. Two are electrical

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Sign Shop for Digital Fine Art Reproduction

Sign Shop for Digital Fine Art Reproduction

Print on Canvas Sign Shop for Digital Fine Art Reproduction. Looking for a sign shop to create custom signs to improve your business? Need Canvas Art Printing? While you are born in the wrong century to pick up a Monet or Renoir from the artist off a street corner you in the right place for an

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Retail Shopping Center Signs

Retail Shopping Center Signs

Encinitas has 3 areas where retail signs, that is marquee letters for a custom LED sign are the business signs of choice. These areas are the

  • Boutique Retailers: The 101 corridors. These places are walkable and have Trendy laid-back vibe. They run from the Lumber Yard, Moon Light Beach to Leucadia Plaza and to the Moonlight Marketplace channel Letters. These tend to be more about the beach, with unique signage, for specialty retail signs to match the type of customer there. Trendy laid-back vibe
  • Retail Shopping Mall Signs: The El Camino corridor from Encinitas Ranch Town Center, through 7 shopping centers, little Oaks, Camino Encinitas Plaza, Camino Village Plaza, Mountain Vista Plaza, Encinitas Marketplace, and Encinitas Village Shopping Center. These all have sign criteria in your lease, they all require marquee letters that light internally. (Electronic Signs, or Custom LED Signs) We call these channel letters, and there are 2 types, the halo lit letters and the front lit letters.
  • Everything else, which is the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza and smaller retailers long busy streets.

Boutique Retailer Signs

Looking for a unique sign for a unique shop? Finding that great idea is not easy. Here are a few

Halo Lit channel letters. Halo Lit Letters or Reverse Channel Letters are made from aluminum faces and sides, called returns. The light is from LEDs inside the letter. The letter is mounted with standoffs about an inch away from the wall. This lights the wall creating a halo effect around the letter. These are commonly seen as professional, or upscale.  Here are a few examples.

Internally Illuminated Acrylic Letters. We call these hog out letters. There are 2-piece CNC routed letters. Normally we use 1” thick Acrylic, paint the top and leave the bottom clear or white. It has a similar halo effect, but the light exits the side and not the back. These can be flush mount

Push Through Pan.  A push through is made from two parts, a sheet of Aluminum and a sheet of Acrylic.  The Aluminum is routed out, so the letters are holes in the Aluminum.  The Acrylic is thick, ½”, ¾”. We route the letters about 75-80% through and leave a flange. The letter “pushes through” the Aluminum, but the Flange will not go through. Light exits the sides like the “Internally Illuminated Acrylic Letters” (Hog Out) above.

3D Letters, routed out letters. We call these FCOs (Flat Cut Out Letters. These do not light, but they are idea for inside malls, under awnings, in other sidewalk locations.

Sandblasted signs. Before CNC routers, Sandblasting was used. It is old world sign making and is found in older classic areas. It makes a shop look like it has been there for a hundred years. If you want that old England, London Shop, this could be your ticket.

Blade Signs. Blade signs come in all sizes and shapes. They are used in walking areas, sidewalks, indoors, under canopies, breezeways and the like.

Need San Diego signage? Signs for San Diego can make any sign you will need. Signs for San Diego is ready to design, make and install signage for you. Give us a call and let’s get started. Give us a call and let’s get started. 760-730-511

Retail Shopping Mall Signs

If you leased a retail space in a shopping mall, you know you need a Marquee Sign, that is a custom LED Sign with your name. It must comply with the sign criteria in your lease and be an electrical Sign, Internally Illuminated and of a specific size, type and location. Your freedom to innovate and be creative is limited by the sign criteria.

There is a lot riding on this Marquee Sign. Your ability to attract customers and make sales is directly dependent on it. Whether it’s a service business, retail shop or restaurant. Having the right signage is a lot more important than the cost of the sign. 84% of all shoppers have made an impulse buy. 8 out of 10 of the impulse buys happened in brick-and-mortar shopping stores or malls. So, what are the options?

  • Marquee Letters
    • 3D Letters – Channel Letters
    • 3D Letters – Dimensional Lettering made on a CNC router
  • Monument signs, these come in different favors, but here are the more popular:
    • Tenant Faces
  • Blade Signs
  • Window Graphics

We do not do everything, but we do make: