Signs For San Diego: Types of Monument Signs

Monument in foam Bristol Cove

A monument is a freestanding sign that marks a building or a campus or a neighborhood or other area. Monument signs are branding enhancers and permanent advertising tools. They work to attract customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At Signs for San Diego, we design, manufacture and install monuments, a lot of them. Experience our expertise and let us create a custom monument sign for your business.

Retail Shopping Mall Monuments

These are also called strip mall monuments, and multi-tenant monument signs. They have the center name at the top and tenant panels. Retail shopping  depends on traffic, the number of cars seeing the Monument Sign.

A percentage become customers. Tenant Panels and monument signs directly impact traffic into your store. The bigger the tenant panel and the higher it is on the monument sign, the better value it becomes.

Business Sign Monument for Broken Yolk
Monument signage for business

Commercial Monument Signs

Also called Business Park Monuments or Industrial Park Monuments. Monument Signs mark and identify the name of the Business Park. These monument signs brand the property and are used as wayfinding. They also can increase the value of the property dramatically if used correctly.

Residential Monument Signs

Residential Monument Signs change for  Apartments, Condominiums, Gated Communities and multifaimly monument signs.

They come in a range of sizes and shapes. They serve as a landmark and a way finder, with the sign marking an enter way. With good sign design these can become elegant.

Sign Company making HOA Community Entrance Signs like this Oceanside Sign
Digital Signage on a trailer awaiting install

Digital Display Monument

Also called EMC Monuments (Electronic Message Center Monuments
). These are versatile outdoor signs, changing the message every few seconds. These are programable LED display monuments, but they are held back by two factors: 

The local cities use these for their schools and other functions, but it is hard to get a permit. And (second) they are expensive. Both limitations are easing over time.

Changeable Board Monuments

Changeable Message Monuments are often found in church monuments or school monuments.

Having the ability to update a message and advertise events at will is a great advantage. There are several ways to do this including having an Electronic Message Center in a monument. Changeable Reader Board Letters and the traditional low-tech version for a Changeable Message Outdoor Sign Monument.

Monument St Marks changable text target
A finished foam monument ready for install

Foam Monument Sign

Foam Monuments are an interesting form of outdoor sign. They replace masonry monuments and have several advantages. This form of monument signage it highly impacts resistant. There are cases where they are hit hard with cars and this type of ground level signage cracks and moved the foundation without damaging the freestanding sign! 

Normally finished in Stucco the visual difference between a masonry monument and a foam monument is impossible to detect. These are used for residential monuments or multifamily housing monuments.

Other Monument Signs

There are many other types of Monument Signs, Single building monument signs vs campus monument signs.  Illuminated monument signs can be internally illumination or have up or down lighting. Solar powered monument signs use a solar panel to charge a battery and use the battery to illumination the monument sign at night.

Hospital monument signs are used to mark emergency rooms, parking lots, main entrances, and departments. Restaurants Monuments are common where the establishment is independent from a shopping center. Hotels and motels use monument signs and often post their vacancy or pricing. Banks and financial organizations love monument signs.

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Advantages in Design Construction and Installation


Most designers have never even seen a monument sign build up close, but Signs for San Diego designers are there on site. Our designers even sit closely to the manufacturing floor, ensuring that they can oversee the welding, painting, plastic fab techniques and construction of their designs. Want a design that maximizes your value? When you buy with Signs for San Diego and you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Fabrication - Manufacturing

Construction: Most sign shops simply buy monuments and resell them; at Signs for San Diego, we make them ourselves. We cut, weld, paint, fabricate plastic, print and assemble on site. We are UL Certified (electrical) and LA Fab Certified (Structural) with a business park and industrial monuments contractor’s license (signs). If you want the best, Signs for San Diego is the source.


Installation: Most Sign Companies subcontract out the install, Signs for San Diego does not.  We use our own cranes, do the concrete foundations, the site preparation and the actual install.

Building Inspiring Monument Signs

Make a bold, branded impact with a custom monument sign.