Installation Service for Huge Custom Banners

Professional Installation Service for Huge Custom Banners. Signs for San Diego provides a professional installation service for custom banners. These custom banners are outdoor banners. Use to promote events. Need a banner installation for a giant banner? Give us a call and we can help. It starts with a survey, where do you need this huge banner? The location is important to you for exposure, we are looking at the mounting details, the design will help enhance your message, and also design the banner structure to fit your location, the Production phase realizes the designers plan for the details in the installation and sets the stage for the install.

Set Survey and Step Up

Site Survey The first part of a professional installation service on a custom banner is the location. We look for certain things. The most important are anchor points. These come in a variety of types and sometime none at all. A lot of banners are held with grommets, and these grommets are drilled into the building. We put in an anchor in the building to anchor the banner. If the future holds multiple banners, installing eyelets would be a lot better. Eyelets are not as clean but are left in place and reused. 

The next step up in a permanent, there are normally tubular and remain on the building. Going over the edge.  These installations normally have a parapet wall, and the anchor points are on the top of the wall or inside. The last anchor method is no anchors at all.  We can build a frame for the banner and attach the frame to the wall.  This is common in trailers.  The frame can be strapped to the structure, once removed, no sign of the banner will remain. We may be thinking of double-sided tape. We use a Very High Bond (VHB) tape to help in certain areas but have found these tapes to be too weak in the wind to be the primary anchoring method.



Design. Once the survey is complete the designer can start. When people hear “Banner Design” they normally think the picture on the banner. It certainly does mean this, and we can provide the design to match your vision. It also means something else. custom banners have different construction based off the installation method, for example webbing added to the edges and corners to reinforce the high stress point. The placement of the grommets matches the anchor points, we often Print the location on the custom banner, so the manufacturing presses the grommets in the right places. We can print the banner in panels, reducing the weight and complexity of the install. Rather than have a huge 200-pound banner, we might have 8, 25-pound banners with matching edges – much easier to install. Pole Pockets are long pockets running the length of the edge. These use an inserted pole to even out the edge and spread the stress along a pole. Frame systems often fold the banner over the frame, the custom banner needs to have this extra material to allow for the fold. Finding the center of the banner can be a big challenge during install, the designer prints this into the banner

PRINTING Banners are printed, and there are 3 types of inks Solvent, UV, and Latex. We can help you pick the right one, but Solvent has slightly better colors, but at the cost of a cure time, UV is great, but is sometimes brittle cracking can be an issue and Latex, which is the most environmentally friendly. All are used in different situations. The banner may be larger than the available material or the ability to print it. Banner material can be bonded together or panelized.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION SERVICE Smaller banners are easy to install, you do not need our help for these. Very Large Custom Banners can get very heavy, and the installation tricky. The installation requires planning, a lot of this is done in the survey and matching the banner to the site situation. The in becomes a technique and reach issue.  On the technique, we often refold the banner as an accordion fold.  In this way we can use ropes or lines over several points to hoist up the banner without putting all the stress at a single point.  Poles inserting into pole pockets do the same thing, that is distribute the weight over a larger area. As for reach, we use the roof, the frame and often an aerial lift. We have an 80-foot crane to reach the highest areas, A national magazine, The Signs of the Times goes further into this.

Signs for San Diego provides a professional installation service for custom banners. These are nearly always outdoor banners use to promote events. SIGNS FOR SAN DIEGO can help you with every aspect of signs for building, like Large Banners and much more.

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