Ramona CA Signs

Ramona CA Signs

Ramona has a population of 20,000. This is an unincorporated community in San Diego County. The Ramona Town Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. George Foreman and Muhammad Ali trained in Ramona

Bobby Riggs and Margaret Court match was in Ramona. This set up the Billie Jean King match in the Houston Astrodome. The Cedar Fire in 2003 damaged Ramona, followed by the Witch Fire in 2007. Both burnt houses and building in Ramona.

As an unincorporated town Ramona is controlled by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors exception, public schools in Ramona run by the Ramona Unified School District. Old Town Ramona is the center of Ramona. Old Town Ramona is generally considered to be the Main Street blocks that are East of 10th Street. 

Ramona CA Signs

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