Solana Beach CA Signs

Solana Beach CA Signs – Solana Beach has a small-town vibe, only 13,000 live here. It is a special place with some of the best beaches in Southern California.  It is walkable, with trails and shopping. The Cedros Design District is a great area to explore and is at Cedros Avenue and Lamas Santa Fe. This area is full of eclectic, locally owned shops.  There are also two shopping areas, right next to each other Towne Center and Loma Santa Fe Plaza. Solana Beach is a great day trip for time at the beach, shopping and a bite to eat

Solana Beach Shopping malls

These are Solana Beach Monuments, Signs for San Diego makes and repairs monuments. We take in raw materials like Acrylic, Aluminum sheets and tubes, we cut, weld, paint and build custom monuments. Want to learn more about monument? Click here

Salano Beach Monument CVS LEDs
Salano Beach Monument CVS

Here is a great example in Solana Beach. We converted the monument to LED. LEDs have replaced florescent lamps and neon in nearly situations. We do a lot of LED conversions. Want to know more about LED conversions? Click Here

Cedros Design District arch way
Salano Beach Zago Blade Sign

This is the design center just a short walk from the beach. It is full of unique shops and custom signs. Want your own Arch Way? Click Here

At Signs for San Diego we make a lot of blade signs, A Solana Beach custom sign like this is perfect for athis walkable community. Want to see more Signs for San Blade Signs? Click here for blade signs

We do not do everything, but we do make:

Interesting things about Solana Beach :  The cliffs are not always stable,   The access to Fletcher Cove was water blasted. The clips did not have the gap that exists today, In 1924 it was literally blasted away Click here for more