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Carlsbad CA Signs

The owner of Signs for San Diego has lived in Carlsbad since 1998. From La Costa to the Shoppes at Carlsbad, From the sea wall to Rancho Santa Fe, Signs for San Diego is Carlsbad. We have done hundreds of Carlsbad Signs. You, or your neighbors probably have our signs. Below are just a few.

Retail Shopping areas, we know every one of them, what is takes to design, manufacture and install your best sign.  We also have unmatched permitting skills and experiences; we know the differences in the rules from mall to mall and in between. For Carlsbad retail signs we are the source for the following:

  • Retail Shopping Mall Signs
    • Marquee Letters
    • 3D Letters – Channel Letters
    • 3D Letters – Dimensional Lettering made on a CNC router
  • Monument signs, these come in different favors, but here are the more popular:
    • Internally illuminated Monuments with tenant panels – Every retail shopping mall has at least one of these
    • Non-illuminated Monument, these are used for industrial and Business parks, neighborhoods and other places that tent for not have “night” business
  • Professional Office Signs
    • Dimensional Lettering for the business name.
    • Lobby Signs, Reception Signs
  • Business Park Signs
    • Dimensional Lettering for the business name. These are a form of customer sign that Signs for San Diego makes on a CNC router
    • Lobby Signs, while retail stores tend to have a single large space, Businesses and professional service signs tend to have a lobby and a back area
    • Dock Numbers, that tell trucks where to load and unload
    • Unit IDs, Restroom Signs and more

 Signs for San Diego is “Carlsbad” As a 25-year resident I want to help Carlsbad businesses. In my opinion Carlsbad is the best beach city in California. With the best mix of residential, business, shopping and open spaces. It is home for about 120,000 people. Need signs here? Signs for San Diego can make any sign you will need. Signs for San Diego is ready to design, make and install signage for you. Give us a call and let’s get starte

carlsbad illuminated signs for Chabad
carlsbad Lobby Sign

This is Chabad. Signs for San Diego did their halo letters years ago, both front and back. These are halo channel letters, sometimes called reverse lit channel letters.  They are used in places where one wants a sign that does not give off a “retail” look. This is certainly a classy sign. The owner lives a walk away.

The Shoppes At Carlsbad is on the 78m and Camino Real, Oceanside is on the North side and Northern Carlsbad is south on the 78.  This is the Lobby Sign for the management office, Signs for San Diego has done a lot of Mall Signage here, both inside and out, In Carlsbad and across in Oceanside.

Business Park Monument Sign Carlsbad Monument sign

The Orblu Biopharma Campus. This campus is the first of its kind on the west coast. Signs for San Diego made this monument sign. Near the Palomar Airport is is a unique sign for a unique business


carlsbad Dimensional letters

Signs for San Diego built this unique sign for the Carlsbad Educational Foundation during COVID. It is just North of Palomar Airport Road on El Camino Real

Business Park Monument Sign Monument ReMax gets a new face and really pops

Business Park Signs are our specialty, this is Re/Max and is one of the most striking monuments along El Camino Real. It is at Faraday.

We do not do everything, but we do make: