San Clemente CA Signs

Signs for San Diego is your best choice for San Clemente Custom Signage. We are a couple more minutes south of the OC line. We have been making fabulous San Clemente signs for businesses and the USMC Pendleton for 10 years.

Our customers know we provide the best Orange County Signs for Custom LED Signs, 3D letters, Marquee Letters, electrical signs, channel letters, dimensional signs, and monuments.

We design, manufacturing, and installation at San Diego prices with OC quality. Our expert staff shape quality raw materials into beautiful works of art to make your perfect sign.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff have a range of talents and skills. We run CNC Routers, that is computer-controlled cutting. We cut metal, wood, and plastic with greater than 1/10th of an inch or more accuracy. This makes your sign straight, uniform, and perfect accuracy.

We weld metal into monuments, letters, logos and back planes, out expert welders weld every day, day in and day out. There are plastic parts the fit together, we know all the techniques and processes perfectly, the lighting in today’s environment is normally LED lights.

We use the best LEDs and wire these carefully, professionally, and perfectly. We paint with an expert hand; the result is a fabulously crafted.

Z5th anniversary party T copy
If they do not have one of these - You are not in the right place


Signs for San Diego is a licensed specialty contractor. We have a C45 Electrical Sign license. We are Underwriter  Certified and build electrical signs. We are bonded and carry every type of insurance you want. We will issue a Certificate of Insurance with an endorsement to you for Worker’s compensation, Automotive and General Liability  on you request.

In San Clemente can you take the risk of using anybody that cannot or will not provide you the correct license and insurance? Come visit us, we are 30 minutes away and you will quicky see a different level of signage and abilities.

Bees find their way into signs

Got bees in your Sign?

Bees in your sign? Bees in your sign? Signs, especially tall ones, attract bees seeking shelter and warmth. While it’s uncommon for bees to nest in signs due to entry challenges, once they find a way in, it becomes a problem. Understanding their habits is key. Bees are drawn to sign lights, visible in their

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Pavlos Taco

Pavlos Tacos Channel Letters

Pavlos Tacos has a new quality custom channel letter sign in Encinitas California This was Nico’s for years and is a great location for families, with a heavy traffic flow from San Dieguito High School. Pavlos Iliadis owns this local icon at 165 S. El Camino Real, Suite L, Encinitas, CA, 92024. As in all

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Escondido Highlands aka Emerald Heights Monument

Emerald Heights Monument Dimensional Letters

3D Letters, dimensional letters A private retreat nestled among the rolling hills of North County San Diego, Emerald Heights is an oasis of connections, friendship, great neighbors, and ease from the pace of life – an idyllic environment for a fantastic way of living.  This 24/7 gated community with security offers the perfect family environment!

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Retail Shopping Mall Signs

Signs for San Diego makes strip mall signage, The key to effective channel letters for your business is  finding the best fit and excellent execution. You have a vision of who your ideal customer is, what they want and what they do. We take that vision and use over 10 years of design, manufacturing, and installation experience to take the concept into a fabulous sign. Give us a call and lets start with

While the LED Marque letters are above every shop entryway. There are many places where non-illuminated signs are the optimal solution. In breezeways, under channel letters, wall signs telling your customers where products are and POS signs.  We make all our 3D letters and dimensional signs inhouse and the flexibility in size, font, materials and the final “look and feel” is extraordinary. If you have an idea for a non-illuminated sign, give us a call and let’s get going

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters
marquee Letters in 3D letters for Graced by Grit
Installation, Monument Signs

San Clemente Monument Signs

Signs for San Diego makes high quality monument signs. We make monument signs for business parks and shopping malls, multi-tenant monuments and campus monuments. We normally make monuments from Aluminum, steel, Acrylic and LEDs, but we also use tile, wood, stone, and other materials. These monument signs are often electrical and illuminated with LEDs, we provide retrofit LED services for older monuments. We make tenant panels and faces for existing monuments. Let us work with you to design, make, and install your next monument or service your existing monument.

  • Monument signs, these come in different favors, but here are the more popular:
    • Internally illuminated Monuments with tenant panels – Every retail shopping mall has at least one of these
    • Non-illuminated Monument, these are used for industrial and Business parks, neighborhoods and other places that tent for not have “night” business

Professional Office Signs

  • Communicate your professionalism with office Signs that communicate your skills and experience. We make Lobby Signs, wayfinding signs, branding and more. Give us a call and let’s start working on your prefect office signs
Lobby Sign NDK Paragon

Business Park Signs

Business Park Signs

There are 3 general types of signs in industrial parks and business parks

Tenant Panels, we make tenant panels, we also can place your company on any tenant sign. We have manufactured entire business park tenant panels numbering in the hundreds, we know what works, want you want and how to get your there.

Business Park Monuments – Signs for San Diego makes Business Park Monuments all over Southern California. These are custom led signs start with raw aluminum square and rectangular tubes, angle, and sheets of Aluminum. We make these into a frame and then a shell or skin, we use a state-of-the-art Matthew’s Paint System.  This manufacturing ability is combined with your commercial vision and we can make your ideal monument.

Address Numbers / Building Numbers

Address numbers or building numbers are a chance to create a unique look and feel. Address numbers are a “different animal” . Required by the fire department they can be bigger and bolder than other signs. We can help you use these to do more.

Want more about Business Park Signs?

    • Dimensional Lettering for the business name. These are a form of customer sign that Signs for San Diego makes on a CNC router
    • Lobby Signs, while retail stores tend to have a single large space, Businesses and professional service signs tend to have a lobby and a back area
    • Dock Numbers, that tell trucks where to load and unload
    • Unit IDs, Restroom Signs and more
web Monument RAMONA EXCHANGE w chris 8
Tenant Sign Arroyo tenant Buffini and Company
Signage for Business: Custom Metal Signs a Monument sign for Fullerton business park