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Signs for San Diego, we specialize in marquee letters, 3D letters, monuments and handicapped signs, so you can trust us to provide the perfect signage for your needs.  You may want to use a local sign company that can be responsive. A Temecula based sign shop. We partner with local and National companies to give you the best of both worlds. We can call in a local shop or work with one you already have a relationship with. Truth be told, you want the printing and smaller signs out of a local shop, but you want the abilities and technology from the larger areas that have the business to afford the larger tooling. You know this and we do too, that is the reason we work with you to find that prefect blend.
Temecula Archway

Interesting things about Temecula

Temecula has a population of 110,000 and an area of about 30 square miles along I-15. 30 years ago, Temecula was 25,000. The early history is full of cowboys and Indian stories, bank robbers and other excitement.  Through the 1960s the Vail cattle Ranch and farming was the economic force. On December 4, 1964, Kaiser Development Company bought a 100,000-acer section. By the late 1960s formed a new development – Rancho California. Temecula transformed into a regional center famous for the golf courses and wineries, and a commuted city for San Diego. Signs for San Diego can make any sign you will need. Signs for San Diego is ready to design, make and install signage for you. Give us a call and let’s get started.

Blade Sign Push Through

Anatomy of Push Through Signs

Anatomy of Push Through Signs These are great alternatives to channel letters. These are used on monument signs, walls, lobby signs and other places too!  Called Push through signs, or push thru signs, they are cost effective upscale signs. Push through signs is perfect for attracting customers day or night. What Are Push-Through Signs? We

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funny highway sign

Odd Sign News

Are you a landlord and do not even realize it? Are you a landlord and do not even realize it? In Michigan a woman was living inside a sign. This is not only possible there are a number of advantages for homeless to open up your sign. In strip malls there are often voids or

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Complete complete Dollar 607 WEST 9TH AVENUE Escondido Monument 1

Sign Removal and De-Branding

Sign Removal When the time comes, you need a sign removed. Dollar Tree announced that it is closing 600 of its Family Dollar stores.  The retailer’s business has been hit hard by inflation. It also hurts low-income neighborhoods, people lose jobs, and many of the locations will be hard pressed to find new tenants.  We

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Signs for You

Frontwave - Temecula Parkway

    • Channel Letters for Frontwave Credit Union on Winchester Rd.  These are a hybrid, with push through and channel letters together. Temecula channel letter signs come from Signs for San Diego because we can make a world class Marquee Letter Set better than the competition. Our exposure to the larger markets and experience with all types of sign, whether illuminated, flat, dimensional, or hybrid means we are the Temecula Sign Company. We are a community-based sign maker that offers excellent design, manufacture and install

Frontwave Temecula
Channel letter Baron Market Temecula

Barons Market Place Rancho California Rd

When it comes to larger installs like this one, National Signs Companies like Jones Signs call us to install in Temecula for them. Barons Market remodel on Rancho California Road had large custom LED Signs on the front and sign with 2 Monument Sign rebuilds. Drive by and look. Signs for San Diego is the solution for large remodels in Temecula.

Business Park Signs Temecula

When Fast signs had a customer, they needed installation help with, they called us. We partner with local sign companies to give them manufacturing and installation abilities. While the local response and personal care comes from a very local source, Signs for San Diego works in a much larger market and can support the advanced manufacturing tools like a CNC machine, paint booth, bucket trucks, cranes and metal working that are difficult to justify locally, the result is the best of both worlds.

3D Dimentional LKQ Business Park Wall Sign
3D Letters Dimentional Comics N Stuff Mall

Shopping Mall Signage

Here is another situation where we work with Fast signs to provide Comics N Stuff in the Promenade Mall a great sign.  This is a Dimensional letter set, that is 3D Letters for the inside of the mall.  Shopping Mall signage is highly controlled with specific criteria set by mall management. The installation happens outside normal mall hours and with limitations on the types of equipment needed. Another situation where partnering with a local sign company is the best of both worlds.

Strip Mall Signs

Example Familia Restaurant Grill – In shopping malls, you identify your business with Channel Letters. The reason these locations are ideal for restaurants is the traffic volume. Capitalizing on that volume requires impactful exterior business signage to be your beacon you need channel letters. Signs for San Diego makes channel letters 30 minutes outside Temecula in San Marcos.  We support any franchise designs, or we can create a design that will be impactful and promote your brand. Close enough to provide a perfect fit, give us a call.

Channel Letters for Familia Restaurant Grill Temecula

We work with you

At Signs for San Diego, we specialize in marquee letters, 3D letters, monuments and handicapped signs. We will work with you directly on larger signages projects or to work with your local signage partners to fill the gaps. We can also find you a local source for signage that can service your requirement on an “on call” bases. Nearly call Temecula businesses will have multiple vendors to meet a range of needs – we understand this and will introduce you to best local printers and local company support or work with your national provider. Over the past couple of years, we have installed a large number of large signs in Temecula with over 10 other sign companies, from Texas to Pennsylvania and Michigan to Florida, from Temecula to Escondido. We also help smaller companies inside and around Temecula. We have worked on Wells Fargo, and the Temecula DMV, to small family run restaurants and industrial automotive parts makers. Have a job you want us to look at, we can help. We can bring in the local and national partners and give you the best of both worlds.

Building Inspiring Temecula Signs

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.