Custom ADA Compliant Signage
AKA Handicapped Signage

Good signage is a great marketing tool to promote your business and convert passers-by to customers. At Signs for San Diego, we offer top-quality, customized ADA signage for your business. All our sign makers have the skills, expertise, and experience required to create ADA signages. Have a specific idea in mind? Talk to our team and we will turn your vision into a reality. Our experienced team will work along with you to incorporate all your ideas and suggestions while creating your sign. All our work is carried out with professionalism and to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy by always delivering excellent quality results. From the initial contact with us, through to the installation of your sign boards, we offer a comprehensive service.

What Is ADA Signage?

It is important to follow certain mandatory guidelines while creating ADA signage for businesses so that they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA signs have high-contrast, tactile letters, and braille for optimal readability allowing persons with various disabilities to access and navigate buildings safely. All permanent rooms including elevators, stairwells, inside and outside of all restrooms, emergency exits, parking areas, and other places in and around your business facility must feature ADA signages. 

Having so many guidelines for creating ADA signage doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your brand and the quality. Keeping simple rules in mind and following the basic ADA guidelines while creating a sign can help create great looking signage for your business. Get an expert’s help! Our team at Signs for San Diego has years of experience in creating ADA signage of any size, font, and style compliant within the ADA guidelines. 

Handicapped signage or ADA Signs

We Can Help You With:

  • Picking the right text size and font
  • Installing signage at the right height
  • Designing, manufacturing, and installing ADA signage
  • Keeping your branding goals while ensuring that your signage is ADA compliant
  • Getting necessary signage permits

Building Inspiring Signs

Get in touch with Signs for San Diego for any ground installation project, big or small. We will work within your schedule!