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Dana Point CA Signs – Dana Point is home for 33000 people. It is a beach city with surfing and a beach life. It also has one of the few pleasure harbors on the coast. The city is bordered by San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Niguel. The city was named after the headland of Dana Point, which was in turn named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Today this area in called the lantern district.   Dana was an author of “Two Years Before the Mast”. published in 1840 and is about a 2-year voyage from Boston to California in 1834 to 1836, Dana sailed around the Cape Horn frozen and dangerous segment of that trip. The book details the captains iron rule and punishment including lashings. It gives a detailed description of all the ports up and down the California coast, including a pure gold rush description of Dana Point. The Ranchos of the time traded cow hides and getting them from San Juan Capistrono to the port was not easy.  There were cliffs and difficult terrain. The Dana Point history is linked to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission was the center point for the Mexican Ranchos of the day. The harbor was a natural port for ships, and a pier was built in 1925 to ease loading and unloading of goods.  In 1926, Woodruff, Chandler, and Sherman created the Dana Point Syndicate purchasing 1,388 acres including the “Headlands”. 35 homes were built and named Lantern Village.  Today this is home for a third, 12000 of the city’s population. The streets are colors: Violet Lantern, Blue Lantern, etc. The colors were used to advertise the cost of various ship fairs in the 1800s. The area is home to the Dana Point Inn, a Mediterranean-like resort hotel on the cliffs overlooking the harbor. There is a tunnel to make the trip from the harbor to the inn easier. The natural harbor was rebuilt in the 1960s into what it is today. It has the marina, shops, and restaurants, and the Catalina Express to Avalon on Catalina Island.

Notable events: Festival of Whales in March, The Tall Ships Festival in September, Dana Point Concours d’Elegance

Dana Point CA Sign
Monument San Luis Rey Done angle

Solar Power Monument

Solar Power Monument Signs for San Diego provides solar for locations where electrical is not available and for environmental reasons. Solar is an interesting option. There are areas where it makes a lot of sense. At this location the whole site is historic. Much of this mission have never been excavated and running a trench

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Sign Face turns black

Sign Face turns black We see this all the time. It is normally on the south or east facing signs and it takes 3-4 years. The vinyl turns black or fades to white. Digital prints with no laminate turn to fade to white, laminated digital printed last a lot longer, but tend to turn black.

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Blade Sign Brick Hotel 4

Blade Sign Brick Hotel

Blade Sign Brick Hotel Blade Sign Brick Hotel A Blade Sign is a sign that projects out from a wall or hangs down from the ceiling. Blade signs a perfect for pedestrian areas where other marquee letters or 3d letters will not work. The most common places to see blade signs is inside and along

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