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Sign Installation San Diego CA.  Signs for San Diego, a sign company doing Monuments, Lobby signs, Plaques, dimensional lettering, Post and panel signs, Parking Signs, banners, vinyl of Windows & Doors and more. Each of these sign installations requires a different and unique set of skills. Each San Diego sign installer has a wealth of experience in installing a wide range of business signs.  Our goal at Signs for San Diego is to provide an excellent, reliable, and fast service to all our clients. We want our customers to be happy with our services and work towards achieving this.

Monument Sign Installs

At Signs for San Diego, we do many monument signs. These are Military Monuments, Shopping Center retail monuments, Residencial and Multifamily Housing Monuments.  There are a range of types, such as foam monuments, stone, and masonry monuments, but we focus metal monuments. When it comes to a San Diego sign install for a monument sign, there are several steps: first is the permit ad “dig Alert”. Then we excavate, that is dig the hole, place a steel pipe, pour concrete, and remove the forms. The monument is then lifted over the pipe and then the lowered with the pipe inside.  Want to learn what it takes to install your monument?  Give us a call.

mounting a monument with a crane

Lobby Signs Installs

3d letters - doing the finishing touches on this lobby sign

San Diego sign installation for Lobby signs. Lobby Signs are also known as reception signs. A great Lobby Sign is all about the first impression. It needs to be perfectly spaced and straight. Signs for San Diego designs, make, and installs lobby signs. We have the perfect San Diego sign installer. We start with a paper pattern. This is computer generated so it is extremely accurate. We tape the pattern to the wall, level it, center it and then drill the holes. The accuracy of these holes is critical. We then use studs to mount the lobby sign to the wall. This result is a pin straight perfect install.

Need Expert Sign Installers

When you need a San Diego sign install for other types of signs, Signs for San Diego has expert sign installers. We do more that Monument installation and Lobby Signs. We install Plaques, dimensional lettering, Post and panel signs, Parking Signs, banners, vinyl on Windows & Doors and more.  We have installed all of these and many more types of signs. While each San Diego sign install is unique, the techniques and skills required are similar. Need expert sign installers for your installation, give us a call.

Neon Sign Repair with skilled sign technician, signage for business company, signage build
Monument Frontwave

As the name suggests, ground signs are installed on the ground level. They are free-standing, permanent structures that are commonly placed on-site, usually outside banks, parking lots, and high-end business facilities. While these signs look very simple, they require a lot of planning, approval, and careful engineering. 

Marine USMC Camelback Command Board

There are two types of ground installs. The first type is called a pylon sign, also known as pole signs and monument signs. Elevated pylon signs help display the location of your business from a greater distance, while ground signs are more effective for roadside displays or at the entrance of your business facility. 

The second type is ground installs, which are one of the most long-lasting forms of advertising. For pole signs that are not feasible, we suggest ground signs.

USMC Pendleton Monument Sign


Our staff of experienced signage specialists at Signs for San Diego are backed by many years of installing, repairing, and maintenance to ground signs. We are also experts in providing bespoke signs. You can count on us to design and install signs quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. Our team of installers will ensure all the ground installation work is carried out to the highest standards.


Partial List of Our Installation Services 

A partial list of our Installation services 

  • Monument signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Plaques, dimensional lettering
  • Post and panel signs
  • Massive banners

 From design to installation, we offer top-quality work at an affordable price. Our trucks have the latest tools, equipment, and materials to fix any unforeseen issues.

Installing Inspiring Signs

Get in touch with Signs for San Diego for any ground installation project, big or small. We will work within your schedule!