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San Juan Capistrano CA Incorporated on April 19, 1961 and named for St. John of Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano is home to 35,000 people. San Juan Capistrano dates back to 1776, when St. Junípero Serra established Mission San Juan Capistrano. It is a tourist destination today. In 1844 Don Juan Forster and James McKinley purchased the former Mission San Juan Capistrano at public auction. Forster made his home here until 1864, when the mission was returned to the Catholic Church by president Abraham Lincoln. The restoration of the mission resulted in San Juan Capistrano’s emergence as a tourist destination, owing to its historic architecture and proximity to the sea. The mission was used often in Hollywood productions, such as D.W. Griffith’s 1910 western film The Two Brothers, the first film ever shot in Orange County.

Monument San Luis Rey Done angle

Solar Power Monument

Solar Power Monument Signs for San Diego provides solar for locations where electrical is not available and for environmental reasons. Solar is an interesting option. There are areas where it makes a lot of sense. At this location the whole site is historic. Much of this mission have never been excavated and running a trench

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Sign Face turns black

Sign Face turns black We see this all the time. It is normally on the south or east facing signs and it takes 3-4 years. The vinyl turns black or fades to white. Digital prints with no laminate turn to fade to white, laminated digital printed last a lot longer, but tend to turn black.

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Blade Sign Brick Hotel 4

Blade Sign Brick Hotel

Blade Sign Brick Hotel Blade Sign Brick Hotel A Blade Sign is a sign that projects out from a wall or hangs down from the ceiling. Blade signs a perfect for pedestrian areas where other marquee letters or 3d letters will not work. The most common places to see blade signs is inside and along

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