Printed and Cut Vinyl

Vinyl - Digital printing Signs
cafe signs come in many forms, like vinyl of glass

Cut Vinyl Letters For Your Windows and Doors

It’s important to label your business with your logo and branding. Glass is a great place to do that, and you already own it!  In addition, the location of the front door is ideal for a company name and logo. It is also where your phone number and hours belong. 

Most companies are not taking full advantage of their doors and windows. That can be an easily avoided mistake. Cut vinyl is one of the least expensive and best ways to communicate with your customers.

Cut Vinyl for substrates

How Is It Done?

A small blade precisely cuts through a sheet of vinyl, but not through the “release liner” below. The “release liner” is the shiny film used on the back of stickers. The blade cuts the shape of your letters and graphics. Next, the vinyl sheet is “weeded”. Weeding is the removal of all the excess material not needed for your design. This cleanly leaves only the parts you want. Finally, a “transfer tape” is then rolled out on top of the vinyl. We take all the steps necessary to leave you with a product that is application ready.

Cut Vinyl of doors and windows

Applying Your Decal

Applying your vinyl to a window or door is quite straightforward. The sheet is aligned in its location and taped into position. Then, the release liner is carefully removed and special chemicals are applied, adhering the letters to the glass. As the letters go on, the release liner is removed.  When fully peeled away, the transfer tape and the letters are rubbed, smoothing all the air out to the sides.

The last step is to remove the transfer tape. Again gradually, exposing the letters. Once your transfer tape is removed, you’re left with your transformed doors and windows.

Inspiring Signs in Vinyl

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.