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Home to 9000 people, It is a rural area with farming and a few residential communities. There is a minimum parcel size of 2 acres. It is a growing area with Indian casinos close by Harrah’s Rincon and Valley View.

Other retail areas are limited with most shopping in nearby Escondido or Temecula. The Valley Center History Museum is located on Cole Grade Road. The largest Grizzly Bear in history came from Valley Center which had the name of Bear Valley for a time.

Valley Center was the site of the capture of the largest California Grizzly Bear in history. In 1866, a grizzly weighing 2,200 pounds was killed at the Lovette house, which has now been demolished.

The “Highway to the Stars via Valley Center” metal signs were stolen. It is the most famous sign heist in Valley Center. Signs for San Diego have a suggestion.  With the proper payment (we will send you the Swiss bank account number) our expert sign forgers will make you a very close copy.

Valley Center Sign Highway to the Stars

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Bees find their way into signs

Got bees in your Sign?

Bees in your sign? Bees in your sign? Signs, especially tall ones, attract bees seeking shelter and warmth. While it’s uncommon for bees to nest in signs due to entry challenges, once they find a way in, it becomes a problem. Understanding their habits is key. Bees are drawn to sign lights, visible in their

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Pavlos Taco

Pavlos Tacos Channel Letters

Pavlos Tacos has a new quality custom channel letter sign in Encinitas California This was Nico’s for years and is a great location for families, with a heavy traffic flow from San Dieguito High School. Pavlos Iliadis owns this local icon at 165 S. El Camino Real, Suite L, Encinitas, CA, 92024. As in all

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Escondido Highlands aka Emerald Heights Monument

Emerald Heights Monument Dimensional Letters

3D Letters, dimensional letters A private retreat nestled among the rolling hills of North County San Diego, Emerald Heights is an oasis of connections, friendship, great neighbors, and ease from the pace of life – an idyllic environment for a fantastic way of living.  This 24/7 gated community with security offers the perfect family environment!

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