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Home to 9000 people, It is a rural area with farming and a few residential communities. There is a minimum parcel size of 2 acres. It is a growing area with Indian casinos close by Harrah’s Rincon and Valley View.

Other retail areas are limited with most shopping in nearby Escondido or Temecula. The Valley Center History Museum is located on Cole Grade Road. The largest Grizzly Bear in history came from Valley Center which had the name of Bear Valley for a time.

Valley Center was the site of the capture of the largest California Grizzly Bear in history. In 1866, a grizzly weighing 2,200 pounds was killed at the Lovette house, which has now been demolished.

The “Highway to the Stars via Valley Center” metal signs were stolen. It is the most famous sign heist in Valley Center. Signs for San Diego have a suggestion.  With the proper payment (we will send you the Swiss bank account number) our expert sign forgers will make you a very close copy.

Valley Center Sign Highway to the Stars

The Signs You Need

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Blade Sign Push Through

Anatomy of Push Through Signs

Anatomy of Push Through Signs These are great alternatives to channel letters. These are used on monument signs, walls, lobby signs and other places too!  Called Push through signs, or push thru signs, they are cost effective upscale signs. Push through signs is perfect for attracting customers day or night. What Are Push-Through Signs? We

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funny highway sign

Odd Sign News

Are you a landlord and do not even realize it? Are you a landlord and do not even realize it? In Michigan a woman was living inside a sign. This is not only possible there are a number of advantages for homeless to open up your sign. In strip malls there are often voids or

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Complete complete Dollar 607 WEST 9TH AVENUE Escondido Monument 1

Sign Removal and De-Branding

Sign Removal When the time comes, you need a sign removed. Dollar Tree announced that it is closing 600 of its Family Dollar stores.  The retailer’s business has been hit hard by inflation. It also hurts low-income neighborhoods, people lose jobs, and many of the locations will be hard pressed to find new tenants.  We

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Building Inspiring Valley Center Signs

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.