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Signs for San Diego actively works in the San Diego Metro Area and Southern Orange County Metro Area. Should you use a Sign Company across town? Well, it depends, if you are purchasing electrical signs, or making a major investment is signs, go with a professional. Distance is not the main issue. Here is how to find the right sign company

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The Right Company

Find the RIGHT sign company. When it comes to finding the right sign company, picking the shop next door is probably not your best bet, (unless you are our next-door neighbor).  Here are a few ways to separate the best from the rest.

Longevity, there are two things going on here. One is that sign companies that are older have more experience, more equipment, more people and have weathered more economic cycles. The other aspect is shown over time. Quality, and workmanship are seen more easially after a few years. It happens when paint is used over vinyl – paint is more durable. When cut vinyl is use over digital prints – ever see a dark sign? That is an old digital print, and the list goes on. A 5 year old sign that looks great means a quality sign was purchased.

10th Anniversary Party is a milestone for a Commercial Sign Company
10th Anniversary Party is a milestone for a Commercial Sign Company

California Sign Association (CSA)? Are they a member of the California Sign Association (CSA)? There are a lot of professional associations but being a Rotary Member does not make a better sign company, neither is a Chamber Membership – These are great, but the sign professional will be in the California Sign Association (CSA) just like your doctor is a member of the American Medical Association. Don’t get a Sign Witch Doctor, stick with the California Sign Association (CSA)

CSA California Sign Association

Manufacturing. There are a large number of “sign companies” that are just brokers. They buy signs and they resell them. There are also a large number of “large format digital print” locations. If you want “large format digital prints” – go with these, but if you need electrical signs, monuments, ADA signs or other higher-level signs, look for manufacturing.  Visit and see what they build, ask what equipment they have. It will decrease your cycle time, increase your quality and open up the types of options you have to work with.

Signs for San Diego, signs Manufacturing

Qualifications, there are a number of qualifications that are key, here are 2: The California State Contractor’s license. This is called a “C-45”. Companies with a contractor’s license are legally able to do jobs over $500 outside. They also can legally pull permits. There are a lot of other benefits to you to have a licensed sign contractor.  Are they Under Writer Labs Certified? Sign Companies can not build electrical signs without a UL Cert. Check for a C-45 and UL.

Installing a Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign
Installing a Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign Channel letters mounted on a sign cabinet for Frontwave Credit Union. Illuminated sign require an outdoor sign company that knows the process of building a sign locally. We are a commercial Sign Company and design, builds and installs here, locally

Installation Equipment, under “Manufacturing” above there are a number of inhouse “machines”, but outside includes a bucket truck and a crane. If they don’t have a bucket truck and a crane, they are not installing their own signs. Drive by or ask, would you trust a carpenter without a saw and a hammer? You need to hire a company with the ability to install up high.

Signage is your mark, it represents YOU. It is a business tool. Mechanics use Snap On, weekend shad tree mechanics use Craftsman. The points above will tell you if the Sign Company is worthy of your major investment. It may be a higher price, but it is nearly always more cost effective to go with the best commercial Sign Company. People routinely understand this at about the 3–5-year mark when the cheaper sign needs to be replaced. The cheap sign cost you in reputation and appearance. The replacement will, at least double the price in a few years. It is actually the more expensive option.

Signs for San Diego actively works in the San Diego Metro Area and Southern Orange County Metro Area. More Specifically:

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