Sign Repair & Sign Maintenance Service

Your sign can attract customers or repel customers. When your sign is working, clean and looking good, it is a business tool and makes your money. When you have a damaged sign, it does not light up, or worse partly lights up or looks bad, it is a reflection on your business. You cannot afford to be turning customers off. Signs for San Diego works on all types of signs.

Getting your illuminated sign working, repairing or replacing a worn, pealing sign faces or fixing a damaged sign is fundamentally important to your business. You would not operate for a single day with a broken front door, you should not allow your business to be hurt by a damaged sign. At Signs for San Diego, we offer all types of Sign Repaired and Sign Maintenance, here are several examples:

channel Letters electrical back 4
Clocks and light sensors are used to turn on and off the signs


Magnetic ballasts are old and buzz electronic ballast put out multiple frequencies that eliminates flickering and buzzing Have a Electronic Message Center or a digital monument or kiosk with problems?  We have a diagnostic service. We do repairs on your monument with electronic signage, digital kiosks, clocks, and pricing digital signage display

Need electrical repairs? Bad transformers, power supplies, ballast,  photocells, time clocks mis-set, Breaker box turned off, shorts, opens, and other issues.

Retrofits to LED?  California is doing away with nonLED signs. Converting to LED lower your repair, maintenance, and electric bills. Remove your neon and fluorescent lighting within your signs by installing them to LED. Learn more about these installs here

Lighting Problems: Sign Retrofit to LED

We can repair nearly every partly lit or dark sign.  Older Sign Repair often is a periodic problem. Fluorescent Lamps have a life of about a year of daily use. The cost of Sign Repair and Sign Maintenance can be dramatically reduced with a retrofit to LED. There is a reduced cost in electrical usage, a brighter sign, but the real savings is in maintenance. Nearly all fluorescent and neon lighting problems are solved with LED retrofits. Learn More Here

This is what LEDs look like in a neon logo box
AllState Channel letter set on raceway

Need a Sign Removed?

You need a sign removed? When you are moving, the property manager is holding your deposit against the return of a clean unit, the sign must go. Signs for San Diego comes out and takes it off the wall. We also can patch and paint, leaving you with a unit that is in the same condition as it was when you moved in, minus wear and tear.  Learn more here.



Signs for San Diego offers contract installation for Local Sign Companies and National Sign Companies in San Diego and Orange County. Aerial installation is a routine service for us. We install 3D letters , Dimensional Letters, Custom LED Signs , blades Signs, and Marquee Letters every day. Most of these involve San Diego Sign installations with a bucket truck, but we also offer crane serve and occasionally use ladders, scaffolding, swing stage for installations. Signs for San Diego is on the North Side of San Diego County and we do a lot of Orange County Sign Installations too Learn more about these installs here

Pylon Sign for Star Lodge
Installing a Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign



Signs for San Diego offers contract installation for national sign companies. Signs for San Diego offers contract installation for national sign companies, Ground installation can mean a wide range of install types, but often means monument installation. We use excavation and pour concrete to put in the footings and then a crane to lift the monument in place. Ground installs also include the less complex such as the installation of lobby signs and retail signage. .Learn more about these installs here



Signs for San Diego does a lot of retail shopping center signage. This can be a range of sign types but Marquee letters, 3D letters and other custom LED Signs are normally the higher value signs. Signed a lease in a retail shopping mall?  We are the company to hire. Learn more about these installs here

We use only the highest quality components: SloanLEDs, Matthews Paint System, Chemcast Acrylic, and more

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Sign Maintenance and Sign Repair Services

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