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Plaques lends any building, art projects, trail markers, museum piece and recognition projects a sense of durability and permanence. These come in bronze or aluminum.  There are different types, sand cast, machined and photo etched are the normal options. Each custom plaque is made to your specifications. No matter if you need a wayfinding, identification, or a tribute plaque we are the answer for your needs.

Choose The Best Process for your plaque


The sand-casting process is involving a positive mold made of any material such as metal, plastic, or wood and used to make a sand negative mold. The metal, which will be your plaque is heated, melted, and then poured into the sand casting. After cooling, the solid plaque is released from the sand and cleaned up, imperfections removed and polished

Etched Plaques

Etched plaques are chemically engraving or etched. Applying a coated resist layer, the parts not protected by the resist are eaten away. Etching creates and exact reproduction of photos or detailed artwork. It is used for aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. The etching process can make halftones like newspaper photographs.

Machined Plaques

Machined are made with a CNC machine and a computer patters. Starting with a slab of metal such as Bronze, Brass or Aluminum, the CNC router cut away or removes the metal not wanted to reveal the plaque you want. CNC routing makes beautiful, detailed, plaques, but can require some polishing to remove the tooling makes. It is also exact, and reproducible. Sometimes “exact” is good and other times the imperfections of other methods are desired.

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