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High-quality Lobby signs creates a lasting first impression right as your customers enter your building. They serve a variety of purposes, such as strengthening your branding, communicating important information, and creating a professional, trustworthy ambiance. Signs for San Diego designs, builds, and installs custom lobby signs. Each Lobby sign is a little work of art and reflects the unique charter of the company culture and values. We take your vision and realize it in your signature piece, your lobby sign. Lobby signs are a necessity for a variety of businesses, such as offices, medical buildings, salons/spas, schools, restaurants, hotels, law firms, and more.

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San Diego for San Diego made Lobby Sign


Custom Lobby and Reception Signs made in San Diego for San Diego. Opening a new office and need a lobby sign? Remodeling and want a newer image starting with a lobby sign? Or rebranding and the lobby sign is your new signature piece? Signs for San Diego has the craftsmen and equipment to make that special sign. We are not making mass produces or cookie cutter designs, we make the Lobby Sign that sets you apart and makes the best initial impression.

3d letters being routed into a Lobby Sign

Reception Area Signs

Reception Signs are a lot of Reception Area Signs.  Like Lobby Signs but need not be in a Lobby. It you have a meeting room, a show room or other area where a sign can make an impact, we can help you. Make the customer’s first impression a lasting positive impression of your busines

3D Letters

Lobby Signs often use 3D letters that we route out using our CNC router. A range of materials are used including Acrylic, Aluminum, Wood, and other plastics. Acrylic comes in a range of stock colors and clear. We use these stock colors when they match your requirements. We also paint the surface or paint the back to get any color required. Using a 2nd surface or additional layers of clear often produce a stunning effect.

Copyright or Trademark

Have a copyright or trademark logo of brand. We make a lot more than letters. We can fabricate eye catching reception signs from your brand. These are ideal for lobby signs, but also can be used on your Marquee sign, in meeting rooms or other public areas.  3D lobby signs set the tone; we can carry that through the rest of the company


Lobby Sign purple Bird

Reception Desk

Lobby signs do not need to be on the Wall. While most of these are wall signs, putting a lobby sign on a desk front is a great way to make the impression you want and guest your visitors right to the reception desk.

Lobby Sign Materials

Here is a bushed Aluminum 3D Letter Lobby Sign. We offer lobby plaques made from other materials such as PVC, aluminum, dibond and more. If you have a specific material you want to use, let us know. We can make a surfboard into a lobby sign, or use the materials you make, flooring, stone, glass, or other unique materials in a signature branding piece for you.

Affordable Lobby Signs

Need a lobby sign that does not break the bank? Often simple elegant lobby signs can make a huge impact without a huge investment. Using standoffs on a simple yet impactful sign can set it apart.

lobby sign with a clear acrylic backer and flat cut out letters

First Impression

Your first impression is your lasting impression. Stand out and make that impression a bold and remarkable lasting impression.  The way to do this is to tailor your lobby sign to your identity. It takes a local company, that understands who your company is to create a Lobby Sign tailored to you. Don’t be disappointed by mail order signs that are formula-based mass production. Hit the mark with a custom Lobby Sign, locally made and tailored to you


Richards Realty Group Lobby Sign

LED Lighting

Using LEDs can set you apart. A custom lobby sign with illumination was out of reach for many companies when Neon was the sign maker’s custom lighting source. Now LEDs are opening new ways to light and back light Lobby signs in interesting and affordable ways.

Lobby Sign NDK Paragon 3

Set the Tone

A lobby sign sets the theme or feel for the company. We can pick up on this these and make office IDs, directionals, and informational signs that pick up that theme and carry it through customer tour routs.

carlsbad Lobby Sign

More About Lobby Signs

Want a free Lobby Sign Checklist to help you get the best Lobby Sign for your business?

Lobby signs are made using a variety of materials, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Foam
  • Plastic

We use only the highest quality components: SloanLEDsMatthews Paint SystemChemcast Acrylic, and more

And more! Let’s get creative.

The right material for your lobby sign depends upon your branding goals, where the sign will be installed, and your design specifications. At Signs for San Diego, our experts are happy to assist and advise you on the ideal material for your needs. Our in-house

design team will work with you to develop a well designed lobby sign that reinforces your brand. Then, our installation crew will professionally install your new sign. We ensure that every one of your needs is met throughout the entire process. 

Contact the experts at Signs for San Diego to start creating your custom lobby sign. We have been a sign partner for various  businesses in: Southern California, focused on Oceanside, Carlsbad, Poway, San Marcos, Vista, Encinitas, Dana Point, Escondido, Metro San Diego, and southern Orange County.

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Welcome your customers and raise brand awareness with a custom lobby sign.