3D Custom Lobby Sign

If you are in the market for a Lobby Sign, a reception sign, or 3d letters you have found the right place! At Signs for San Diego, we make signs, a lot of them. This example is Philips and is one of many San Diego CA Signs. We are a Commercial Sign Company with Manufacturing in San Marcos. We have a small staff of highly skilled craftsman and produce excellent quality office signage and company signs. It is packed with equipment. It is not a distributor specializing in selling you a bill of goods. We are producing the signs sold to other sign companies.  Lets take a look at this Lobby Sign, truth be told it is one of my favorites.


How this works

Before: We believe in true craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is not the fastest or cheapest way. It takes time, it takes skilled people and a work environment that allows for great things to happen.

We work directly with YOU. You are not talking with the person who talks to the person who is related to the person making your sign Custom Sizing: Your business is unique; your spaces are too. We can make you a sign the fits both dimensionally and to your company’s character. You just do not get that with a mail order house High Quality: We have the tools to do it right. We are the biggest “small shop” in the San Diego area. You get the best of both worlds. All great companies have quality Lobby Signs. If you have a great company or are just starting to build one, a Lobby sign is a great place to start. Call us today and start working on your image with a great lobby sign!! 760-730-5118

3d letters on a larger scale, Philips Lobby Sign