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3d letters in Acrylic used in Lobby Signs. Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company making Reception Signs and Lobby signs. These are 3d signs or interior signs. We create office and reception area signs. There are a range of materials used for Lobby Signs. This “short” highlights the use of Acrylic. Acrylic comes in different colors and thicknesses. We use Acrylic in several ways, color on the backside called second side preserves the shine of the original Acrylic.  We also buy colored sheets, the color available are limited. In the past, there were more colors and more colored thicknesses. Now Clear, White, Black, and Red are available and other colors are 1/8” and hard to get. When a specific color is needed, we paint Acrylic. We have great paint abilities.  This material looks clean and professional, it is the main material used. Reception signs are the first impression your prospective customer sees. First impressions need to be the right impressions. It sets the tone for everything else.

When it comes to making your corporate lobby stand out, lobby signs are the way to go. The lobby sign becomes the central focus, and it sets the tone for your customer relations. It communicates your office atmosphere and hints at your business philosophy. Many Lobby Signs are made of Acrylic and there are some very good reasons for this. Acrylic is a material that comes in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. It can be shaped easily, and it is light weight.

Lobby Sign for Tecnadyne. Acrylic was made by accident by a French chemist in the late 1800s. Since then, a range of uses have emerged: You see it is aquariums, bulletproof panels, helmets, and most interesting aircraft windscreens, starting is World War Two. Signs for San Diego uses it for lobby signs. Once very popular technique is to use it as a base or substrate and put your logo and names on the surface. This is very commonly used with standoffs. There are several advantages to you with this. Are you in leased space? Are you likely to move to another (obviously bigger) space? A clear acrylic lobby sign can be removed and taken with you. Lobby Signs are not cheap – this idea of reusing the lobby sign is a huge financial benefit.

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Acrylic colors are available, but less used than clear, white, black and to some extent red. Other Blues, browns, yellows, greens, and such are normally not available in sheets thicker than 1/8”. Signs for San Diego can laminate these together and create the desired thickness in the same color (1/8” laminated on many other 1/8” layers) or laminate your color on a clear layer. There is a huge advantage in laminating on clear. It looks great. It creates a 3D affect that makes your lobby sign “POP”

Want to know more about Acrylic Lobby Signs and how that can make an impact on your lobby sign? Give us a call and we can develop the perfect Acrylic Lobby Sign for you. Ready to start your Lobby Sign?  Give us a call 760-730-5118

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