Lobby Signs: The Center of Attention in a Room

Lobby Signs: The Center of Attention in a Room. Signs for San Diego is a San Marcos Commercial Sign Company.  We make Lobby signs and Reception Signs. Most are 3d letters with the company name and logo. These office signs are interior signs that represent your company. Lobby signs are the first branded message your customers see. The Signs for San Diego team are very experienced and has great skills, but they are really detailed and care about the quality of each job. We produce Reception Signs that are pieces of art. Lobby signs are ‘first impression’ pieces, they need to be perfect.  There is a transference. That is a great lobby sign sets the tone for your interactions with that visitor. Above is an example of Carlsbad CA Signs


Company Lobby Signs


Company Lobby Signs: The Center of the reception area. The interior elements (furniture, pictures, carpet, wall color and much more) you choose for your business have a big impact on the impression given to your clients. The lobby, or reception area is the first and strongest impression made. The focal point of the reception area is your company’s lobby sign. Your customers enter your world through this area. They sign in and wait in your reception area. They make their first and lasting judgments about who you are from this room. You have the opportunity to create the positive impression you want at this point in their visit with a lobby sign on your wall. Your lobby sign is a huge part of the first impression customers receive, make sure you create an effective lobby sign..

Simple and elegant lobby signs are impactful while complex and busy lobby signs detract.

In many ways it lobby sign design is a minimalist effort and not an advertisement. Keep it
simple, keep it clean, keep it elegant.

The materials used to create your lobby sign depend on the company and message you are conveying to your customers. Metal components in a lobby sign verses, glass, acrylic or wood convey different levels of warmth, quality, craftsmanship, technology and other attributes. The construction of a lobby sign should be in harmony with the architecture of the room and building. The lobby sign also needs to convey the attributes of your company and its products.

Positioning for your lobby sign is essential. Your lobby sign must be installed where everyone will be able to see it as soon as they step in your lobby room. Company lobby signs are the center of the room. Lobby signs placed on the wall visible upon entrance and above a reception desk are the norm. The corporate lobby sign position needs to be at a height entering the room. Position pictures, paintings, posters, plants, and furniture lower and sparsely to emphasize the lobby sign and create an uncluttered customer view.

Now you know why a lobby sign is important and you also have learned how to make them effective for your target audience. Help your customers find and remember you. You may be thinking –“Yes, but how can I do this?” The process is straight forward. Give us your design, your ideas and we will start work on a design. We will help with the material choices and the placement as well. Call Signs for San Diego today and see what we can do for you.

Signs for San Diego is your San Marcos Commercial Sign Company.  We would like to make your Lobby signs and Reception Signs. Using 3d letters with your company name and logo. These office signs are interior signs that represent your company. Lobby signs are the first branded message your customers see. Can we produce a Reception Sign for you that is a little piece of art?

Give us a call and we can help make a lobby sign into a business asset working for you! 760-730-5118

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