Lobby Signs with LED Back light

Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company manufacturing Lobby signs and Reception Signs. These are 3d signs or interior signs. We create office and reception area signs. These are lit, that is we use LEDs to light them, most are backlit.  There are a couple of challenges with these signs, they require a power supply and wiring. Sometimes we find space behind the wall, other times it will be inside the sign, and other times we build a panel of encloser to house the power supply. Illuminated signs attract attention and look great. Reception signs are the first impression your prospective customer sees. First impressions need to be the right impressions. It sets the tone for everything else.

LEDs Dominate Signage today

Since the 1920s neon has been a lighting source of choice for signs. In the late 1930s fluorescent lamps also have been used. But in the past 5 years both of these have lost market share and are now disappearing. LEDs have replaced these traditional light sources and with good reason. LEDs are brighter, run cold and run on low voltage. LED lighting is also much much smaller. 

With the emergence of LED new solutions are here. We now can use LEDs in places where we could not in the past. Lobby Signs are one area where “things are Happening”

LEDs can be put on the back of routed out letters for lighting. This creates an interesting effect and gives your lobby or reception area a totally new look.

The result is a Lobby Sign that “pops”. This technology puts a lot of light brightly and evenly over the whole surface of the picture. Unlike traditional bulbs, neon or fluorescent bulbs this runs cold and lasts up to 15 years or 50,000 hours.

LEDs have a long life and are safe. They use a low voltage, DC transformer to run the LEDs. For more information, give us a call!!