Lobby Sign Daninicole Studio

Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company making reception signs and Lobby signs. These are 3d 3d Letters or interior signs. We made Dani Nicole Studios a new lobby sign

You know the place is right when you feel at home there. It feels right, it looks right and your look fabulous! Dani Nicole Studio is the place to go for outstanding service and that perfect look. Dani Nicole needed a sign that was as fresh and bright as the studio itself. This also wanted to do it without “breaking the bank”.

The answer is a set of Gemini letters. What are Gemini letters? What would it be like to have a set of letters– A through Z – in the correct font and size to get that expensive look at a discounted price? Gemini letters are exactly that.

Gemini Letters

Gemini letters are made in plastic molds in large volumes and available nationally. When your project calls for letters and the font is available, this can be much more affordable than making the letters out of raw material stock. Getting a very high quality at a great price is exactly what the Dani Nicole Studio provides, and Signs for San Diego was delighted to be able to provide the same to Dani Nicole!

Fonts – If your “look” is available in a generic font – you win. But it is not as hard as you might think. Over several years, many fonts have been developed. Gemini has 6 core fonts, but there are many others offered with certain materials and sizes. A little flexibility can get you a great deal

Colors – Gemini letters are not available is all colors, but there are 45 available colors. With that range, it is likely we can find a color that matches your needs. Black, White, and Red? No problems, and probably a lot more to match your needs!!

Lobby Signs or Reception Signs for 3d signs in the form of a Lobby Signs daninicole

Don’t like Plastic – Aluminum is available too! The plastic letters are guaranteed and are nearly indestructible. They can be flat or sculpted. Metal is more expensive, but it looks even better. Aluminum can be anodized to look like gold, copper, or silver. The surface can be brushed or polished. These are molded. This is uniform, and fast. The expense of shaping these letters is in the molds so you can get an expensive looking letter without the time, effort, and trouble of a custom build.  Sizes – Different letter types have different size ranges. Within these ranges they letters may step up by 2 inches. So, if you need a 2-inch letter – you are probably out of luck, but is you want a 6 inch letter – you probably have a match. We need to check and see what is available in your font, but a little flexibility … again. brings big rewards. Mounting – Different ways to mount these letters means they can be glued or pinned. A new lobby sign is an event. Maybe your General Manager, the owner or the president assigned the task to you. The Lobby Sign “assignment”.  We can help you be a hero. Signs for San Diego makes a lot of Lobby sign and reception signs. Lobby Signs are the signature mark for your office signage, go with the best, give us a call! 760-730-5118