New Channel Letter Signs for a New Restaurant

New Channel Letter Signs for a New Restaurant

 Food entrepreneurs, know it is a big deal to stand out from the eateries around them.

BokBokDok channel Letter Logo Box

Standing out from the competitors is important

This is the 4th restaurant for this entrepreneur in an animal theme, The others are Steamy Piggy, Flama Llama, and Formoosa.  Traditional sign types are everywhere around all these, but we build a stacked Channel Letter Hybrid that none of the alternatives.

Unique Logo Box Construction

A lot of the credit for these falls to the owner of these restaurants. He has a vision, and it starts the sign, but goes much deeper into every aspect of the operations. Bok Bok Dok opens soon, and you can visit at 4681 Convoy Street San Diego, CA 92111


bokbokdok Logo Box LEDs

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