Marquee Letters : Channel -Letters for the Joint

Marquee letters of retail businesses are custom led signs. We call these channel letter signs. These are illuminated signs

channel letter loose and ready to mount

wonder where Marquee letters come from?

Ever wonder where Marquee letters come from?  Marquee letters are called channel letters in the sign industry. These are Custom LED letters. Signs for San Diego makes these signs for other sign companies, national chains and sometimes direct.  Here is a great example. This sign is for a sign company, Sequoia Signs & Graphics, near San Francisco. They sold the sign and we made it.

Channel letters are the illuminated signs you see in every strip mall.  During COVID the demand hit rock bottom, but today, we are making these as fast as we can. At Signs for San Diego, we provide customized channel letter signs. We start with the back of each letter. We cut these out of sheet stock using a state-of-the-art CNC router. Then we bend raw Aluminum strips called coils into the sides of each letter. After the shape is formed we cut the “face” or the translucent part and fit it to the letter.  Add LEDs and a power supply, a UL label and you have channel letters

In this case we also have a “Pan”. This is a flat thin box that ties all the channel letters together. The entire assembly also in painted inhouse. The product is involved, takes experts and specific equipment to complete. Very few sign companies do this manufacturing, and even fewer will ship. This sign shipped 600 miles north and was installed last month.

Channel Letters from the back - wiring

Do you need one retail location sign set or 100 locations in multiple states?  Signs for San Diego has the design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation ability to handle your project.

Here are a few more examples of Marquee Letters

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