Marquee Letters On Your Retail Building

If you just signed a lease for retail space, there are a hundred things going through your mind. Tenant finish at the top of these and signs for buildings should be at the top of the tenant finish list. Most business owners need to delegate getting “neon signs” to a commercial sign company. Today there is a custom led sign called  “Channel letters” that are 99% of the retail strip mall signage. Your marquee letters will be an LED sign for several reasons

Every retail space has a specific space for your marquee letters. Using this space attracts customers, not using it effectively is a costly mistake. A custom led sign is the most effect advertising you can buy. Every business needs to highly visible to their customers. An electrical sign is all about visibility. How you get the most effective marquee letters in the form of the custom LED sign you need is a process. There are several steps and factors in each step. Getting the fit for different companies is all about fir, getting the best signs for buildings and businesses


TEMPORARY BANNER: Start with a placeholder, A temporary banner, a sign above the door, a sign on the door invites the passerby in. These people can be your neighbors, or the car passing by or help a customer to find you after driving to an address. It makes your business more approachable, makes it easier for your customers to buy from you. If lets people who know about you to tell others who want to be your customers. This also creates the time required to do better. Large retailers will use a 3-banner combo: “COMING SOON”, “NOW HIRING’ and “Grand Opening”.  These can all be made and installed at the same time, one on top of the other and each stripped off at the right time, The banner buys time for the real sign

PERMIT: The Permit. Pre COVID if you were to visit the city planning and building department, you might get a conversation about the ordinance and the sign policy for your building.  It is better to start with an understanding of the sign ordinance and getting the sign policy from the lease or property manager. If you do decide to make a visit, you will also be faced with a legal answer “at best” but no ideas about what you can do within those legal limits. Post COVID the delays are often long and conversations short. Obtaining a permit is (by far) the longest wait in most cities. This can delay your success and harm your business. It is a requirement you want to start as soon as possible. It is a lot like getting a teenager to clean their room, endless delays, silly requirement, and everything is “your fault”.  Best to have this done for you and avoid dealing with this directly. Unless you own the building must be done by a licensed contractor.  This can be the hardest, longest step in purchasing.

Sign Project Manager

DESIGN: Design and permit package. You need a commercial sign company designer. The designer for business cards will not know the fabrication details, the legal limitations, and the types of led custom signs that “POP”. Finding such a person outside a commercial sign company is not easy. There are no classes or books on the topic. This designer can take your “concept” and translate this into a marquee letters and custom led sign you will love. Also, the designer will create a set of drawing that illustrate the attachment method and cover all the legal questions for that trip to the city planning and building desk for the permit. At the same time the commercial sign company designer creates a 2nd package with the fabrication details require to program the production equipment.

Once the package is submitted and several weeks pass (Different times in different cities, complex permits in San Diego take “forever”) and permit is issued, and stamps are applied to the drawings. There is a cost to this – often several hundreds of dollars. They take credit cards; you need to be prepared for this expense.


BUILD THE SIGN: Building the sign. You need a manufacturer with an Underwriters certification to get the sign. Signs are about taking raw materials like Aluminum, plastic and electric, and transforming these into your sign. The only way to get the best value is to deal directly with the manufacturer.

INSTALLATION:  Installing signs can be a challenge, but most retail locations had other electrical signs and maybe even neon signs in the past, the electrical requirements are probable there waiting to be plugged in. Install. Every sign is unique, and so is every building situation. Our expert installers will use a paper pattern taped to the wall, holes drilled for the electrical wires and the mounting, then the letters are mounted, and the wiring (normally) completed behind the wall. We can go through the install details later, but installs take from a few hours to a couple of day depending on the complexity.

Sign repair and sign maintenance is necessary during the life of every custom LED sign


Shake Shack custom led sign called a channel letter set are narrow and fit the style of the firm

Install.  Install is also unique. Every sign is unique, and so is every building situation. Our expert installers will use a paper pattern taped to the wall, holes drilled for the electrical wires and the mounting, then the letters are mounted, and the wiring (normally) completed behind the wall


New Generation Dentistry had special parking lot and road viewability issues. Their marquee letters are on 3 sides of the building. Does it sound like an involved project?  It was.


Here are a few more examples of Marquee Letters

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You need expert help to make it happen. Signs for San Diego has done thousands of these projects and is ready to build you the gorgeous sign you desire. Call us at 760-730-5118

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