Gracie Barra Marquee Letters

Looking for neon signs? Today we use led signs for marquee letters. We call these channel letters and they are standard in shopping centers

Gracie Barra is a martial arts school from Brazil, specifically a Jiu-Jitsu school.  The name is interesting.  Founded in Brazil by Carlos Gracie, he taught in many places. Carlo’s school was in Copacabana for about four years, then moved to a place called Barra da Tijuca.  The name of the school is Gracie Barra, a man’s name and the location of the school.

Today there are 800 schools with this name.  We were pleased to be able to provide marquee letters in the form of channel letters. Signs for San Diego makes a lot of these LED Signs called channel letters. Channel Letters are the normal illuminated signs in every shopping mall. Businesses in these shopping malls mark their location, attract customers and run their businesses under these illuminated signs.

Gracie Barra neon signs used as a marquee letters channel letters

Not all Signs are the same

Not all signs are the same. Signs for San Diego has a very significant investment in equipment designed to automate this process. The result is a very high quality product. We are UL certified, meaning that we mark the product with a UL label, This allows us to comply with all city and state regulations. When installing these signs, Signs for San Diego is a licensed contractor. We carry insurance and are bonded. Simply put, if you need a set of channel letters, we are the best choice. We sell a high quality product that complies with all local laws and install them professionally.

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