Anatomy of Push Through Signs

These are great alternatives to channel letters. These are used on monument signs, walls, lobby signs and other places too!  Called Push through signs, or push thru signs, they are cost effective upscale signs. Push through signs is perfect for attracting customers day or night.

Push Through Top Hat

What Are Push-Through Signs?

We make a lot of push through signs. We start by cutting shapes for letters and other shapes. We you a CNC router to do this. Around the letters and shapes is a skirt. This has different names, a “Top Hat” cut, or a shelf cut. This part of the shape prevents the letter from pushing all the way through.

Light travels sideways

Having an Acrylic shape through an aluminum plate allows light to come out the sides. This looks like a halo around the letters.  Light also can come out the front as well. The front can be a different color or other effect. In this case a wood grain laminate is used. In the day light the wood grain is seen, and at night it is dark.

CNC router for push through
Push Through Sign


Show me the light. The light source is from LEDs. LEDs have changed the sign industry. In the past florescent or Neon would be used. LEDs are much smaller and more versatile. The cabinets can be thinner, the light can be moved to where they are most effective. These advantages make push through signs more flexible.

Where does the light come from?

Behind the face are a series of LEDs. The light can only exist through the translucent Acyclic and that acrylic is shaped or cut in very small and precises patterns. Tool small for metal work. It creates a beautiful and unique look. Want to know how a unique sign can increase the number of customers walking through your door?  Give us a call!


Blade Sign LED

Push through signs is perfect for attracting customers day or night. They are normally backlit with LEDs. Signs for San Diego offers custom push through signs. Want to explore push through sign options?  Give us a call


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