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Signs for San Diego does  commercial sign installation for national sign companies. Need a Sign Install?  We installed Home Depots, CVS Pharmacies, State Farm Insurance, Farmers, Panda Express and a hundred more national brands. We install Marquee Letters, Custom LED Signs, Monuments, Channel Letters, vinyl on windows, banners in shopping malls and just about everything from the huge to the trivial.  We also service signs, replace power supplies, fluorescent lambs, fix damaged faces and sometimes just clean or run out to a place and flip a switch. When there is a new location opening, we do the surveys, the permits and more.

Ever wonder how Home Depot installs signs in 1,994 locations from Bangor Maine to Pacific Beach, CA, or who installs signs for the 9,939 CVS Pharmacy locations from Bellingham, WA to the CVS Pharmacy in Ponce Puerto Rico?  Nobody can do this, the geographic reach is too much, the ability to installs signs in little towns and dense cities is too much. While the number of jobs nationally is high, nobody can afford to put crews on payroll for a local install crew for a 3 day install in 10,000 different places. This is where the network of subcontracted install starts

Salano Beach Monument CVS
Sign Survey for a set of Escondido Business Park Signs

Comtact US

In the world on contract sign installation, we do the following

Sign Surveys and Site Assessments:  When you need a new store location in Lucadia, CA and you are in Texas, how to you get measurements, understand where the electrical is, know the aerial lift access, and a hundred other details only an on-site visit can find? You hire an experience sign installation company that has done thousands of installations to go out there and find the answers.Sign 

Permitting: National Companies need local sign contractors. If you don’t have a California Contractor License, you cannot get a permit. The company that builds signs 3,907 KFC stores in fifty states does not have a contractor license in 50 states. They need local Commercial Sign Companies to run down to the local city planning office and apply for the permits. California permits are notorious for their difficulty and trivl requiremnts, can you do this remotely?

Installation, Monument Signs

Strip Mall Storefront Sign installs: These are normally channel letters that are being installed on retail units build for and having had many channels letter set over years. Often, we know the buildings better than the tenants, having installed different signs on the same buildings 5 and 6 times over the years

Magnetic ballasts are old and buzz electronic ballast put out multiple frequencies that eliminates flickering and buzzing
mounting a monument with a crane

Electrical Sign Install, Illuminated Sign Install: Most are in the shopping malls (above), but we work with Neon signs, fluorescent lighting, wiring problems, replacing transformers, Ballast, and Power Supplies, we install and set clocks, optical sensors (dark? Sign On, Light, sign off) and the biggest challenge, the challenges of dealing with “spaghetti” wiring, missing wiring, confused wiring is odd, hard to get to and small areas.

Monument install & Pylon Sign install: We are the ones that call dig alert, working around water, sewer, electric and phone lines, we dig (excavate) through asphalt, buried rocks, and the like to set poles, put in rebar and pour concrete. We lift monuments onto poles, sign cabinets in the air and install Monument & Pylon Signs

cut vinyl installation

Interior Sign installs: We install lobby signs, point of sale displays, ceiling signs, and every other interior sign from a restroom door sign to electronic message center Kiosks. From little 1000 square foot stores to 100,000 square foot shopping malls and other public places like LAX

Signs for San Diego does commercial sign installation. We routinely receive signs for national and regional chains on our docks.  We work for over 30 national sign companies. We get some pretty cool signs on our docks. We have done it all, from Marquee Letters to banners in malls. We have the people, equipment, and experience to do your sign install, or to fix your failed install or figure out why the light does not light.  While we are not available for installs in Bangor Maine, Bellingham, WA, or Ponce Puerto Rico, we are available in San Diego, Orange County or Riverside County California.

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Need help with signs in San Diego, Orange County or Riverside County California?  Give is a call 760-720-5118

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