Looking for Electrical Sign Repair

Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company does commercial sign repair. Much of this is business sign repair and electric sign repair. Need sign maintenance? We can help.

What is it with CVS?  It seems that every CVS sign needs help!  This is an example of Oceanside CA Signs that need Sign Repair.

Is your sign looking sad and ugly? Does your sign have burnt out lights, obsolete lighting, rust, faded face, or falling apart?  Signs for San Diego fixes “sad and ugly”. We can help with all the following:

Looking for Business Sign Repair?

Fluorescent signs suffer from burnt out lamps or bulbs. We have many of these in stock and can replace yours. It is an excellent idea to replace them all at the same time. While they burn out at different times, the average life of all of them is close. If one goes, the others will follow soon. Get them all and avoid a 2nd service call.

fluorescent lamp burnout
Magnetic ballasts are old and buzz electronic ballast put out multiple frequencies that eliminates flickering and buzzing

Ballast in fluorescent cabinets come in 2 types: Magnetic and electronic We can no longer get the older magnetic ballast, so you can rewire to the newer electronic type.

Magnetic ballasts are old and buzz electronic ballast put out multiple frequencies that eliminates flickering and buzzing

Convert old signs to LED lighting while older signs use fluorescent lamps and Neon, both are obsolete. LED conversions drive the maintenance down to nearly nothing (Saves money), and the electrical usage drops by 5-10 X (Saves electric cost).  These often are brighter as well.

LEDs have caused Neon and fluorescent obsolescence

Face faded or peeling. Most signs have vinyl colors on Acrylic or Polycarbonate. The vinyl can fade and fail in several years. This is particularly bad in south facing faces. This is not restorable; it must be replaced. Also, old Acrylic and Polycarbonate yellows over time. This is also a sign a replacement is needed.

Need a different kind of service? We can help with Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.

Signs for San Diego employs technicians who are friendly, fast, and efficient. If you need electronic sign repair, we can help. To schedule signage maintenance, or repair services, call us to get started. Contact us about fixing your sign. 760-730-5118

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