High Rise Installations : Moxy

Signs for San Diego does a limited number of Swing stage installations to put up custom LED signs beyond the reach of cranes. Sign company capable of high-rise installations are limited. High rise installations are always special installations with a large amount of planning and safety is job one.

Signs on High Rise. You need a tall ladder

Signs for San Diego does some interesting installations. Recently we have done a couple of High-Rise installs. These installs are all unique and take special study and preparation. There are the normal permits, but closing streets, working with different materials and mounting, and then the big issue, installing from the top rather than reaching the site from the ground. In this case a downtown hotel:

look way up there and see MOXY on the 8th floor
look way up there and see MOXY on the 8th floor

Moxy is a new Marriott International hotel. These target city visitors, younger, tech heavy guests that want to have a lobby they can hang out in.

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