High Rise Building Signs

Swing stage installations are used to put custom LED signs above the reach of cranes. The sign company capable of high-rise installations are limited. High rise installations are always in densely populated areas using large custom signs.

Where: Every company using high rise building signs is overlooking a busy road and normally a highway. San Diego is rather late in the high rise space and put its first high rise put in 1963San Diego has 42 high rise buildings over 300 feet , New York have 6400. One of the reasons for the differences is the bedrock stability under New York compared to the earthquake prone San Diego. The population density and the length of time are also major factors. 

In San Diego these are normally downtown, Off the I5, the 805 and the I8. While the building is entirely unique, not all are setup for a Swing Stage Installation (or any practical installation). Swing Stages require strong anchoring points called Davits. Davits may (or may not) line up with the ideal custom sign mounting area. There are ways to work around the lack of well-placed Davits, but we normally do not do the install unless the Davits are placed correctly.  Also, buildings with unique and complex outer walls tend to make high rise sign installations difficult or impractical.

Finished High Rise signage for business
Custom LED Signs, showing the LEDs

Placement and Permits

Placement: Signs for San Diego runs a crane for installs. There are places where crane placement is not possible. Also, there are heights where the crane cannot reach. These are potentially Swing Stage Sign Installation. However, swing stages also have limitation and do not reach much of the normal Highrise. There is some possibility for a rope and repelling install, we just do not do these. Each installation uses a unique sign built for a unique spot and carries unique challenges.


Permits: Normally permits take time, Highrise large custom signs in unique places with complex installation planning means permits (and other factors) take a lot of time. 6 months and longer is not common. While involving the permit process the real time delay is the planning, and safety factors involved.  If the install cannot be done safely, the permit is meaningless, the Safety factor is the number one consideration.

Fabrication: Illuminated Letters and logos are what makes the most impact, large with a simple large construction. These are different than a shopping mall signs. Highrise signs normally have polycarbonate faces and not acrylic faces. The edges are reinforcing with aluminum angle and not plastic, the mounting is heavier. The LEDs are often 24VDC verses 12VDC.  These signs are built to last with no service. Where possible the power supplies are inside and reachable without going outside. Looking to put a sign on a high rise? We can build you a stunning custom LED Sign, Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company, that helps you reach your goals! 

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