Signs for San Diego makes a lot of Lobby Signs. Lobby Signs come in a range on materials. Acrylic is one of the more popular choices. Acrylics come in a range of colors, but not every color. When we can not find the exact color you need, we have a “trick”

Lobby Sign
Lobby Sign with 2nd surface color
Business Park Panel Signs
Business Park Panel Signs

Lobby Sign SparshaSigns for San Diego starts with a clear sheet of Acrylic. Clear comes in a range of thicknesses from
1/8” to 1” and sometimes over. Being clear there is no color. Paint comes in bases and pigments are added. Nearly any color you could want comes in paint. We paint the Acrylic back with the collect color. Flip it over and the color shows through. The Acrylic has a shine paint can not give. Looking through the clear acrylic to the color underneath creates a feeling of depth. Once we have the this sheet we can create the unique Lobby Sign you want!

The process to make the rest of the Lobby Sign:

We use a CNC router to cut your logo and letters out. We create a paper pattern. This pattern is put on the wall to guide the placement perfectly We apply these letters to the wall. This is the way we can match your color and create a great looking Lobby Sign.

Signs for San Diego designs, makes and installs Lobby signs. Need a Lobby Signs with a spot on color match? Give us a call!

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