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Sign Repair & Maintenance: Here is a great example where a small frozen yogurt shop just needs a minor face lift.  There are a couple of interesting things: The “green” translucent vinyl is south east facing. The sun kills vinyl over a period of time, sometimes 4-5 years often a little longer.  The other issue is the edge “trim cap” is sun rotted. Answer. we take the “faces” down and  make new ones. This is not aways a solution, but it was in this case. Your sign has a problem, what can you do?


FrozenYogurtFroYoLove bad vinyl copy
new faces Frozen Yogurt

The New "look"

The New Faces give this sign a new lease on life. Is it as good as a new sign? No, but it is cheaper and is a good solution here for this business. 

Signs for San Diego has friendly, fast and efficient staff. Need electrical sign repair or even a non-electrical sign repair? We do that. To schedule maintenance or sign repair please call us at 760-730-5118

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