Nature Trail & Informational Wayfinding Signs

We recently had the opportunity to work with Action Research on the Maple View Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration Project. 

The Mapleview Street Biofiltration and Channel Restoration Project proposes to improve surface water quality through implementation of green infrastructure and improved conveyance of stormwater flows. A series of biofiltration basins will be constructed within the shoulder of the roadway, allowing for infiltration and treatment of stormwater runoff. The project also adds additional green space, and new sidewalks to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility. Approximately 2,500 linear feet of new sidewalk and pedestrian ramps will be installed to close the sidewalk gaps along Mapleview Street between Vine Street and Pino Drive.

This was to build 2 Informational Wayfinding Signs.  These have changeable graphics and sit at a busy interception in Lakeside.

Action Reaseach

Action Research specializes in changing human behavior through the application of traditional marketing activities blended with cutting edge research findings from the social and behavioral sciences including psychology, sociology, and economics. Our emphasis is exclusively on promoting behaviors that contribute to safe, healthy, and sustainable communities.

Signs for San Diego built these inhouse from aluminum sheet and extruded stock.  The fabrication used to cut and welding to shape the sizes and shapes required. The top frame is removable so the graphic can be changed out or removed for cleaning.  The structure in Aluminum but it is painted matte black with our Matthews Paint system

Action Reasearch mockup

This is a sign? Or a wayfinder? Or an informational display? 

Action Reasearch wayfinder directional angle

Do you have a special project?  This one took raw aluminum and fabricated these “wayfinder” We have the ability to build your project.

This is a sign. Or a wayfinder? Or an informational display?  We don’t really know what to call it, but it works and is a beautiful addition to the project. Have a project like this one?  Give us a call, we can help.

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