New Channel Letters for Children/s Primary Dental

Children’s Primary Dental Group needed a new sign.  Children’s Primary Dental Group treats their young patients like a member of the family. Over 50 dedicated clinical and administrative staff are proudly providing dental services in a low stress and effective environment. Their outstanding dentists are second to none in San Diego County.

The Best Quality Materials and Artisans

The sign is painted with a professional paint system designed specifically for signage. This Matthews Paint is formulated to last for many years and stay bright, not fade and look great for the life of the sign.  They are Aluminum and will never rust.  Inside are GE LEDs that are bright and energy efficient. The faces are Acrylic.


Signs for San Diego made these channel letters inhouse. We have the highest quality materials, highly skilled artisans and the best designs. Do you need a quality sign to represent your business?  Give us a call. 760-730-5118

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Developer & Designer
I, Frank Murch was born in Honolulu. Dad was an Army Captain. After his separation he drove my 2-year-old self and Mom to Colorado. After starting Kindergarten and terrorizing my parents, brother and sister for 20 years, I graduated both Kindergarten and the University of Colorado. I worked at Coors Porcelain for a time and then a series of high-tech companies in California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tokyo. Along the way I gathered letters to drag behind my name MSEng, MBA.  30 years later I started Signs for San Diego. Signs for San Diego is a manufacturing company. Much more about building signs than other Sign Companies; it comes from my background. Technical Capability is a focus. We are a wholesale source for the industry. We want to make the best sign possible. It is in my DNA. Applying 30 years of manufacturing experience and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience make us the best sign company around. I also am of the HP management culture, Inclusion, respect and treating people as adults makes Signs for San Diego a happy place to work. We are looking for customers that match our culture, happy, better quality, and better than what is generally available