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Channel Letters

Signs for San Diego makes Channel Letters in house.  We do a lot and many are special sets that are more interesting than the run of the mill channel letter set. Channel Letters are the default type of letter used in shopping malls, strip malls and most retail (B to C) companies. Used on store fronts everywhere they service a dual purpose, they advertise the retail business and they are way finders. That is, once a customer is in the parking lot, the sign directs them for the final hundred feet.

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LED GE Select TX Gen 3 module

Signs for San Diego Makes a complete line of channel letters from front lit, to halo, in all fonds and colors. We serve a higher end client and our most common is Halo letters, that is the light creates a halo of light around the letter. Front lit are more common. Front lit projects illumination out the face or front of each letters. These have an advantage in that they project light further and with more clarity. We have a paint department that can produce any color for the sides (or returns) and the trim cap. For the faces we use cut vinyl. This type of translucent vinyl has the color through the entire film. We use GE LEDs inside and mark each with a UL label. We are an Underwriters Lab Certified manufacturer

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Signs for San Diego is also a C45 licensed contractor, that is we can pull permits and install for you as well. Generally, the owner of the property or a licensed sign contractor are the only two that can apply and receive permits. Channel letters need to be permitted before installation. They also need a UL label.

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Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs need unique and interesting signage. 

We create the more interesting Channel Letter signs that attract customers and offer the greatest value. If you are interested in channel letters please give us a call

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