Bees in your sign?

Bees in your sign? Signs, especially tall ones, attract bees seeking shelter and warmth. While it’s uncommon for bees to nest in signs due to entry challenges, once they find a way in, it becomes a problem. Understanding their habits is key. Bees are drawn to sign lights, visible in their 4500-7800K perception range. They avoid red and may prefer darker spots at night. Knowing bee types is crucial; honey bees are common, but watch out for aggressive ones like Africanized Killer Bees.

Bees find their way into signs
Bees in the hive

Bee Removal from your sign

Act quickly if you notice a swarm—they settle fast. Block their entry with foam, silicone, or steel wool, making sure to account for sign movement. Sealing them in allows for later hive removal. Professional beekeepers are ideal for this task, especially if the hive is high or inaccessible. If the hive is in the supporting pipe, sealing it is sufficient. However, if in the cabinet, removal is necessary to prevent future swarms. Scraping out the hive is a meticulous and costly process, but essential to deter bees from returning.


California law prohibits pesticide use without a licensed operator, making professional pest control advisable. Suffocating or sealing the hive entry is legal but affects the bees. Beekeepers are preferred for live removal, respecting their role as beneficial insects.

Bee Ware

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