TEGNA Gets A Massive Mural 

Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company does indoor and outdoor murals, This Wall Mural for business is in Washington DC Neighborhood but our Wall Murals in San Diego are more numerous. What to know more about out waterproof outdoor murals?

Media company TEGNA gets a massive mural 


Product: 3 story murals in Highrise 

Location: Tysons Corner, VA

Industry: Media broadcasting company

Signage Solution: Create a 27-foot-high mural on the 18th, 19th and 20th story of an office building.  

 WASHINGTON — Broadcasting and digital media owner TEGNA Inc. is the first tenant to move into the new Boro Tower office high rise in Tysons Corner. 

TEGNA’s new home is 46,000 square feet on the tower’s top two floors, plus a private rooftop lounge. 

The company’s new headquarters space includes a 25-foot LED display wall on the 20th floor, a three-story interior staircase going from the 19th floor to the rooftop lounge, and TEGNA to Go, its own private market with fresh food and drinks. 

“We are proud to be in our new home at The Boro. Our space is truly beautiful, and our team is already enjoying their custom workspace with 360-degree views of Tysons, D.C., and the Shenandoah Mountains,” said Dave Lougee, president, and CEO. 

Illuminated Mural

Custom Signage

mural LED Installation

The first step was to design and source.  This project is too large to build in a shop, it must be built in place. This means every part, and material must be sourced and delivered ready to install.  The back of the sign is the wall. On this a series of mitered and jointed extrusions, painted black, were shipped to the site. These were assembled and mounting to the wall. Each section was sealed to the wall. The actual wall required a higher-than-average flatness and a special reflective paint. The mounting required exact measurements and placement both to the wall and against the adjacent walls.  There was a height tolerance, a 1/8” over 30 feet was the specification.  

Once the extrusions were in place, the LEDs on prefabricated strips were unpacked and mounted from the top extrusion.  Each strip was offset against the last strip so no pattern would show through, and no hot spots or dead areas existed.  There are a lot of LEDs, just short of a 1000 at .75 watts each.  These are powered through a hidden power box, with 8 power supplies.  Each power supply is wired on the other side of the wall. The holes must be sealed and painted reflective white. 

Mural VA overall final

Then the flex face is mounted like the face of a drum.  It is folded into a punk that fits into the extrusion on all 4 sides. Once all the wrinkles and stretched areas are adjusted, the punks are driven into the extrusion to tighten the face.  This creates a prefect flat translucent face, 3 stories tall and visible from the highway, parking lot and streets 19 floors and ½ a mile away. 

Signs for San Diego worked with the artist and CNP to take these projects from a blank wall to spectacular.  Let us show you how we can transform your Multifamily project into a special and top tier asset. 

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