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Digital Signage – Watchfire

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Digital Signage or Electronic Signage They go under a range of names: digital displays, digital signage display, digital signage solutions, electronic message centers, electronic display boards or digital marquee signs. Signs for San Diego installs, services, and builds housings for these. We have worked with a number of manufacturers including Watchfire. Watchfire Watchfire is the

Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign

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Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign When is comes to business signs the Monument sign is king. These are custom metal signs. Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company that builds all sorts of signs. When it comes to sign shops, we are have unique manufacturing abilitiesPacific Marine Credit Union was known as

Monument Signs or Directional Signs

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Monument Signs and Directional Signs What are directional signs versing a Monument Sign? When custom metal signs act as a directional arrow, they are both, Monument Signs and wayfinder signsMonument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your customers

tenant faces make Old Signs Look New Again

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Monument Tenant Faces Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company that works on business signs called monument signs. The monuments are full of tenant faces. Each Monument face has a specific construction.  We made Monument signs, Monument faces and Tenant faces. In Strip Malls retail businesses rely on location and traffic flow for

Residential Monument Signs for Oceanic

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Residential Monument Signs Oceanic   Residential Monument Signs: Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company is the source for Residential Monuments, in this case there are several old rotted out panels with generic letters. The monuments are in a Retirement Community planned development from the 1970s and 1980s. Prepare to Repair and Look Good

Sign Repair – Sign has an ugly face?

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Does Your Sign Have an Ugly Face Do you have Marquee Letters or a Monument that looks bad? As older business signs start to fab and accumulated damage, they need help. We are commercial sign repair experts. Sign repair, servicing custom LED signs and monuments with new faces, panels, and routine sign maintenance. Have problems

The Foam Monument – Business Benefits  and examples

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Foam Monument Signs Foam Monument Signs: Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company is the source for Residential Monuments, there are a number of types of monuments and a number of different types of residential monuments.  Amount these is the “foam” monument. One really cannot tell the difference, it is an entirely internal, manufacturing

wayfinding signs for Hospital

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Hospital Wayfinding Signs Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company designs, makes and installs wayfinding signs. These are Oceanside CA Signs for TriCity Hospital. Wayfinding has a number of meanings, it can mean directional signs such as exit route signs, arrows, maps, other signs telling people to go in a direction. These are custom


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Tenant Face Signs Signs for San Diego, A Commercial Sign Company builds, installs and services monument signs. This one is Lumber Liquidators 7930 miramar road San Diego, CA and is one on many San Diego CA Signs.  Monument signs are made to highlight the tenant signs. All new monuments are custom LED signs, but the

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